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Porus 28th December 2017 Written Update: Puru Punishes Kanishk!

Kanishk with soldiers enters hotel and sees Farsi soldiers on fallen on floor injured. He sees Puru and says they are meeting again. Puru says of course, he still remembers Kanishk’s teachings. Kanishk asks if he remembers how he broke his nose and taught him a lesson and now he will cut him into pieces. Anusuya says this boy trashed Farsis and now he will trash this leader Farsi/Kanishk. Kanishk orders to kill Anususy first. Puru breaks wall and runs out with Anusuya. Laachi joins them. Kanishk orders to catch them. Faroos with soldiers follows them. Puru creates hurdles for them and throws fire. They fall down seeing fire. Laachi asks Puru to this lady away soon. Anusuya gets emotional hearing Puru name. Kanishk reaches and shouts to catch them, he will throw them in Jhelum. Puru runs
holding Anusuya’s hand. Anusuya reminisces Shivdutt following her and throwing her baby in river. She shouts no…she will not let them kill her baby. Puru runs again holding her hand. Kanishk continues searching them with Farus.

Puru hides with Anusuya and Laachi. Laachi shouts she will not let them kill her baby and comes out. Puru drags her away. Kanishk smirks seeing them and orders to call more soldiers. Soldier ring bell signaling for help. Bamni’s wife tells that means Kanishk needs help. Shvidutt says Bamni that he will go himself. Wife worriedly tells Bamni that Dasyus killed her brother, what if something happens to her son. Bamni says Kanishk is even her son and he wants to know who is that Dasyu that yuvraj needs help to catch him.

Puru with Anusuya and Laachi continues running. Kanishk shouts let the dogs run, old woman eats like dog, he will kill 3 of them like dogs. Puru hears that and stops. Laachi with Anusuya runs. Puru ties rope to pillar around and pulls them creating a big hurdle on road. Farus stops and asks Kanishk not to go ahead as it is dangerous. Kanishk walks ahead though. Puru comes in front and says he did a big mistake by insulting a mother, does not he know he should not insult one’s mother or sister. Kanishk angrily shouts that he will cut them into pieces and orders Puru to lower his eyes. Puru brutually trashes him and says he was not running but making him run behind to protect this mother Anusuya. He continues trashing Kanishk. Anusuya asks to trash him more. Puru says he should be dragged on road so that he remembers his Bharati lineage under his Farsi clothes. He throws mud in front of Kanishk and punches his face hardly, making him bleed. Shivdutt reaches and asks where is Yuvraj. Farus says he went ahead. Shivdutt runs ahead with soldiers. Laachi alerts Puru and they all 3 run away. Shivdutt sees them running. He then sees Kanishk sitting injured on floor and gets him up, orders soldiers to follow Dasyus. He asks Kanishk not to worry, he will captured those dasyus. Kanishk says he wants to kill them. Farus returns and says they escaped. Shvidutt orders to seal whole place and not let anyone come out of house.

Sumer sees soldiers searching and tells Chintan Kumar that they are searching us. Chintan panics and says Shivdutt himself is searching them and they will be killed, their death is final, let us escape. Sumer says let Puru and Laachi return. Puru hiding with Laachi says Sumer will not go without Laachi and must have left a clue. Laachi sees a red cloth and shows him. Puru reads puzzle on it and realizes its meaning.

Precap: Bamni asks who is this dasyu. Kanishk says Puru. Bamni says he needs Puru who shed his son’s blood. Puru takes Anusuya along. Sumer says are already in trouble, why did he bring this woman. King Philip announces his sons Alexander and Aredius will be his support. Shivdutt hangs Chintan Kumar who helped Dasyus enter Pourav rastra.

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