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Parvarish Season 2 27th May 2016 Written Update

Sumedh catches Ria and Jassi again on gunpoint. Jogi comes from behind and hits his head with wooden plank. Sumedh falls down. Jassi pleads Sumedh to stop all this and be their good teacher like before. Jogi asks why is he pleading Sumedh, he has gun with him now. Sumedh grips Ria and Jassi’s necks. Jassi still pleads that he is their favorite teacher and will always be. Jogi also pleads not to be so cruel. Sumedh reminisces happier moments spent with them. Goon rushes and shoots asking Sumedh to move aside. Sumedh pushes Jassi and Ria and bears bullet on his chest. Suri reaches with inspector and others and inspector shoots goon.

All students run and hold Sumedh. Jassi takes him on her lap. They all cry and say he is their best teacher and cannot leave them like this. Suri tells Sumedh that he made her children strong. Sumedh says Dr. Raj does not know about poisonous injection. Suri says Raj did not give poisonous injection to minister. Sumedh continues his emotional speech that he knows they forgave him but does not know if god will forgive him. He says Adi is like him, but he does not accept his mistakes, he tells Ria that she does not have motivation and should know what motivation is, tells Jogi that he blurts jokes always and wants him to tell a joke now so that he can leave peacefully, tells Jassi that she is his favorite and says nobody can stop her except herself and she should overcome her fear and reach her destiny. He further says revenge destroys human. GHe raises hand and all students keep their hands on him. Paramedics arrive, but it is too late. Sumedh passes away with eyes wide open. All students cry loudly and try to wake him up in no avail.

All students are taken back to Jassi’s colony. Jassi runs and hugs Beeji and Ria hugs Raj and Simran. Adi sees them and reminisce his dad’s rude behavior and tries to leave, but his dad stops and apologizes him. They both recoincile their mistakes. Jogi jokes with Biji. Ria asks her parents if they can do anything for her. Raj says her dad is not that weak that he will kill anyone just like that. She hugs them both.

Precap: Minster addresses students and says student of the year is… Jassi, Ria, Adi, and Jogi look at each other.

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