Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th November 2016 Written Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10th November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghav dropping Naina. She says fate made me made a stranger. He asks her to take care of her purse ad belongings. She says there is something valuable than money. She shows Ganpati idol. He greets Bappa and says its good I met him because of you, why did you get the idol. She says I got this for someone. He says it will be for someone special. She nods and thanks him. He asks her why is she saying thanks, its said to strangers, she said they know each other. She says yes. He asks her to go and meet her brother. He goes. She says I did not ask his name.

Naina meets her brother and hugs him. He asks were you coming today. She says yes, I called you many times. He says it was my night shift, my phone was off. She says I have sent voice message too, its good I had address and came here, where is Bhabhi. He says she went out, you sit. His wife comes and tells Rajeev that she booked her phone. His wife gets surprised seeing Naina and hugs her.

She says its good you came, see this…. baby is going to come soon, Rajveer goes to office all day, I stay alone, no one leaves girl alone in this state, I m bored eating bread and butter, and want spicy food, I will become perfect as you came. Naina asks what do you want to have. I will cook. The lady says no, you are guest. Naina says no, I will cook for baby, I will just come. She goes to change. Rajveer apologizes to his wife Chanchal. She says maid is expensive, but we don’t have to pay Naina, think about it and calculate, Naina’s stay will be cheaper. They smile.

Its morning, Chanchal sees Naina sleeping and keeps alarm near her. Naina wakes up and sees alarm. Chanchal tries to help and acts sweet. She asks Naina to sleep. She says I have to do all things alone here, and then this baby responsibility. Naina takes care of her. Chanchal says you don’t worry. Naina asks her not to worry, this is my house. Chanchal says yes, you are a sweet sister in law. Naina asks her to take rest, I will do all the work. Chanchal smiles.

Everyone sit for having breakfast. Raghav gives fresh flowers to Dadi. Dadi and Raghav pray. Dadi asks Veer why does he look tired, maybe he studied new project details. Veer gives the presentation along with breakfast. Raghav smiles. Dadi asks question, and Veer worries. Raghav gives sign to Veer by talking to Pam. Veer opens the file and checks figures. Veer continues the presentation. Dadi says I really like this Veer, the company started by car repair unit, it became a market leader. She tells Balraj and Veer will keep 5% of this project for charity project. They agree. Raghav says Dadi you are the best.

Balraj tells his Pam that I have sent Veer for party, how did he complete the presentation, everything was right, just we knew details, he did not do any mistake. Pam says there was someone else too, who knew all details. He asks who. She tells about Raghav signing Veer. She says I exactly know how to do, what to do and when to do, I will teach Raghav a lesson.

Veer tells Raghav that you are made for work and I m made for rest, Balraj and you did all the work. Raghav says this is my work. Veer says Dadi is happy by you. Raghav says you are heir and Dadi loves you, when you manage office, Dadi will be happy and then I will be happy. Veer calls Raghav perfect. He asks Raghav to become Santa Claus and distribute happiness, you think of others and I think of myself, someone is needed who thinks of others, someone selfless, then this house will run. I think you are the perfect one.

Naina does all the work. Chanchal asks Naina to make butter chicken. Naina makes it. She calls Amit and asks him to come on lunch. He says I did not come on holiday, I m on job, pray I don’t get fired. She says I will pray and also that you have 10 mins for me. He asks her to meet at coffee shop. She says 10mins are enough for me.

Naina gets her mum’s call. Her mum asks her why is she worried. Naina says I was missing you, snow fall looked beautiful yesterday. Her mum smiles and asks how are you, I feel good hearing you, did you meet Rajeev, did Chanchal say anything. Naina says its all fine. Her mum asks how is Amit, send me selfies and I will feel I m with you. Naina cries and says I just reached. I will inform later. Her mum asks what is the matter. Naina says its all fine. She sees Rajeev’s shirt spoiled in the washing machine by color stains.

Pam tells Veer’s mum that Sanjana is coming. Veer’s mum asks for how many days, I forgot she comes to stay for 3 months, why not to start charity at home. Pam calls Raghav and asks him to do his duties for her too. She treats him like a servant. She asks him to pick up Sanjana, she is coming today, take her to Veer, make her she is only hanging out with Veer. She goes. Veer’s mum says Veer is my son, I will decide whom he meets, Sanjana should not be around Veer. Raghav says fine and gets stuck between two duties.

Rajeev scolds Naina for spoiling his white shirt. She says I did not know how socks was in machine. He says clothes are costly here, you came and did this loss. Chanchal asks what happened. He asks her to see the shirt. Chanchal goes to Naina. Naina says sorry. Chanchal says its okay, we all do mistakes, you go. Naina goes.

Raghav is at cafe and prepares to talk to Sanjana. He says you got more beautiful, do you feel the same for me, if she smiles, it means yes. He waits for Sanjana. He calls Veer. Veer says mom said Chipku Sanjana is coming, make some excuse. Raghav says she will be alone. Veer says I know you like her, you are her knight in shining armour, take her out. He ends call. Raghav says what shall I do, I will decide after Sanjana comes.

Sanjana comes there and looks for Veer. She sees Raghav and thinks what is he doing here, Maasi said Veer will come. She leaves from there. He sits waiting. Raghav prays that he gets saved by both Chachis. Naina comes there to meet Amit. The waitress asks her to share a table. She asks Raghav can she gets a place for a woman. Raghav agrees. She asks Naina to come here and sit.

Naina comes to Raghav’s table and gets surprised seeing him. They both react you again…. and laugh. He asks whom did you come to meet here. He says with one whom I have to spend the rest of my life, and you.. He says me too, but see fate made us meet, relax, no one can change future, its all written. She says I feel you can change the fate my determination. He says lets see. He asks her name. She sees Amit and says Amit…. He says Amit? A lady’s name? She runs to Amit. Amit says don’t do this to me darling, I love you. She smiles. He goes to someone else. Naina gets shocked.

Raghav asks Naina who will fight for her, if she does not fight for herself, is this last solution to turn face away and leave. Naina stops and says I was leaving, but I was going to Amit like you taught me.

Written Update by Amena

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