May I Come In Madam Watch Online

Life OK’s comedy underdog, ‘May I Come In Madam?’ has been the lone survivor in the bloodbath that the channel went through axing old shows one after the other.

The show continues to have a loyal fanbase and respectable ratings too. The show is about a man fantasizing about his sexy boss inspite of being married.

However, the situation seems to have worsened off-screen between the makers and actress, Neha Pendse. A while ago, there was a report on how Neha who plays the sexy boss, Sanjana has been facing health issues and depression thus resulting in weight gain for her. And it comes as a prerequisite that playing a sexy boss would need her to look desirable all the time.

Inspite of undergoing several weight loss plans, the actress has not really been fruited by the measures. And now, there are media reports on how the production has warned Neha to loose weight and get back in shape or she may loose out on her role thus getting replaced.

To this Neha ridiculed it all mentioning about how the producers have not mentioned anything as such to her.

However, the source reiterated on how it cannot be a coincidence that Neha has been given a contract extension of only six months and the other actors have been given that of a year.

As preposterous as it sounds, this does hold truth and we are sure you would agree on how demeaning and sick it is.


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