Swabhiman serial

She will decide not to marry Karan for Kunal and Meghna’s sake.

Colors Ek Shringaar -Swabhimaan currently revolves around Karan and Naina’s remarriage. But the happy vibe in the house has now been disrupted, with Pushpa and her psychopath daughter Saawri’s entry.

Pushpa will start cornering both, Sandhya and Nirmala and will demand that as Sandhya had promised her, she should now get her (Pushpa) daughter married to Karan or else Pushpa would reveal the secret about Kunal being Sandhya’s son to everyone.

And during one such instance when Pushpa will be threatening and reminding Sandhya the promise that she made to Pushpa, Naina will overhear them and will be shocked to know Kunal’s truth.

Naina will then decide to not let Kunal or Meghna know about this secret and will decide to sacrifice her love for Karan and get him married to Saawri to protect Kunal.

How will Karan handle Naina’s step? And what will Naina do when she gets to know that Saawri is actually a psycho?


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