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Naamkaran 27th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Avni saying I need to talk to you. Neil acts to be on call and goes. Avni thinks how to convince him. Prakash collides with Neil and asks why is he happy. Neil teases him. He says I m your son, I will not agree to Avni. Prakash says so you will trouble her this way and smiles. Neil goes. Fatima says I m worried for Ali, maybe he thinks he has right on Avni, he is not accepting that Avni is of someone else now. Neela asks Ali to come and sit. She asks do you regard me mum. Ali nods. Neela asks him to understand, what we want, we don’t get everything, but we can learn to be happy in what we get, our happiness is in our hands, maybe you turned away from your happiness, don’t do this, give happiness a chance. He goes to attend call. Ali thinks Neela is right, I should give another

chance to my happiness.

Avni says if I knew Neil is so adamant, I would have not married him, how to convince him, Bebe…. DD says call got traced, all calls are done from Coorg. Neil says it means I have to leave for Coorg soon and get a clue, this girl disappeared two days before, we have to save all girls from human trafficking. DD asks are you sure Raghu pandit is behind this case. Neil says yes, bar owner’s face got pale when we took Raghu’s name, I m sure he is behind all kidnappings, I will go Coorg to find evidence.

Avni talks to Bebe and comes to police station. She says I can’t do this. Bebe says girls fight with Yamraj for husband, can’t you do tank scene from Sholay movie. Avni says what, there is no tank here. Bebe asks her to get on any table or cupboard. Avni shouts suicide. Neil asks DD to check. Avni gets on cupboard and says policemen, I will tell you my story, your tears will fall down, I m doing what Majnu did for Laila, sorry gender change, what Laila did for Majnu, suicide. Bebe laughs hearing her on call. DD goes to Neil and says Basanti, Dhanno, no Bhabhi….. Neil asks what. Avni says I wanted to go on honeymoon with your boss, my husband, but he refused. Neil comes and looks on. Avni says I don’t want to stay in this world now, my last salute. DD says no. She says if Neil does not agree then I will jump down the cupboard and die, DD Mausi, if this Basanti, I mean Neil, if he did not agree, I will give my life, then Neil will go jail. Bebe says don’t forget Ata/flour. Avni shouts Ata. DD asks Ata. Bebe says how is flour grinded. Avni says yes, Neil will grind the flour, if lover dies here, there will be big problems, all because of this stone hearted man. Neil smiles. Avni falls down. Neil holds her. Her saree end falls over his face. They have an eyelock. Avni says sorry, it was Bebe’s plan, so honeymoon… Neil says yes, we are going, happy now. She smiles. DD asks her to just say, dying cancel. Neil looks at DD. Avni thanks Neil and leaves.

DD asks Neil where is he going for honeymoon. Neil says Coorg, I was going for work before and now for wife’s adamancy. Shweta says they are leaving, you know what you have to do. Riya says of course, I know it well. Avni says I just came to say that we are leaving. Avni says I m leaving Amol, I hope you don’t do any mistake. Amol says sure. She thinks she is doing this to kill his bitterness. Riya comes to Ali and gives coffee. Ali asks what happened. Riya says I feel bad for Avni, she had to go on honeymoon.

He asks what. Riya says I wish anyone could explain Neil, they are going Coorg. Ali calls Fatima and asks her to manage cafe, he is going Coorg for some days. She asks what’s happening. He says I changed mind, I have to crack deal with coffee plantation company. She says fine, go. Riya asks what will you do there. Ali says I will explain them to stop this marriage drama, else they can’t move ahead. She asks shall I come along to help. He says fine. Riya calls Shweta and says game is on. Shweta says remember, they are going together but just Neil should come back.

Shweta waves to Neil and Avni and smiles. Neil and Avni leave. They reach Coorg hotel and get a good welcome. Avni asks Neil to do paperwork, else people will call him wife’s puppet. Neil says I m wife’s puppet, so I came here with you. Manager welcomes them. Avni asks him to provide two single beds. Manager says got it, small bed. Neil asks him to do what’s told. Avni goes. Neil says I think she got upset and goes. Ali and Riya come there. Manager welcomes them and thinks they are also a couple. Riya says we are not a couple, we are Neil and Ananya’s friends and came to surprise them, don’t inform them. Ali looks at her. Riya says we can’t meet them, else Neil will think its our planning, do check in formalities.

Riya asks manager to send a flower bouquet from his side to Neil and Avni. He asks why from our side. She says we came to give them surprise. Neil and Avni come to room and see the decorations. Avni asks is this a room or flower shop. Neil says I will clear it. They receive the bouquet. They clear the flowers. Their heads collide. They look at each other. Riya tries to hear them. FB shows Riya putting a mic in bouquet. Riya says come on, talk something that I can make Ali believe that there is nothing between you. Avni says manager gave us different beds, but what was the need for decorations. Riya smiles.

Ali says we came here for some work. Neil says I have to leave for case related work. Riya shows two beds to Ali and says the flowers are in bin. She reads a letter and says I m sure Avni wrote this for you. Ali says I have to talk to Avni.

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