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Meri Sasu Maa 9th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Maasa and dadi are shocked to know of the real problem between sattu and pari. while maasa is stunned into silence, dadi wonders who is right and who is wrong. she thinks in both cases, relations would be strained. she thinks that they have to anyhow, find out the truth, so that this mystery doesnt ruin relations anymore. she hollers for the bahus, while they are shocked as to what happened. she asks the eldest to get the suitcase, while takes the other to pari’s room. they are stunned and boggled, as dadi asks them to pack pari’s stuff. when she asks whats the matter, dadi tells her that she shall know soon enough. after having packed her bag, she asks sattu to get the bags down, and instructs the ladies to get pari down.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Maasa’s husband remembers seeeing the shrine, and thinks that she got the ace card and she shall have to use it.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Then in front of everyone, pari asks whats the matter. Dadi tells maasa that she got the 3 bahus and asked them to pack up pari’s stuff for her, while she is shocked. they comply resigendly. dadi declares that being the eldest in the house, she throws pari out along with the stuff, as noone can insinuate wrong charges against bhavna and they would let her live in the house built by bhavna herself. all the bahus pretend to be aghast, and they all bitterly reprimand her. sattu too lashes at her to be quiet, when dadi tells him about what they heard and they cant have pari putting such bad allegations on maasa. dadi tells her that she has two options, one is to apologise to maasa and stay, or leave. pari is aghast. she starts apologising to everyone, one by one, if she has ever hurt them. but then she says that she wont apologise to anyone for the truth of her life, and hence today she is walking out of the door, without ever having the option to look back, and breaking all ties with the family. Pari is distraught, as she takes her stuff and starts walking out of the house. Sattu is barely able to stop her emotions, while the bhabhis are amused. dadi and maasa are terribly worried and apalled, as she takes her suitcase and walks out. just before she is about to step out of the house, maasa stops her, and she is shocked. she retreats back, while all others are stunned. maasa comes to her, and confronts her with teary eyes, while all stand boggled. she says that pari apologised for all mistakes, and now its her turn. she folds her hands, in front of pari and apologises for what she did, while all are shocked, as she confesses to everything, shocking the wits out of everyone. pari is aghast as she eyes her speechless. dadi and sattu are distraught. apologising, she falls on her feet and kness, and then holds her feet, and asks for an apology, while all are shocked. pari stands dumbfounded, while maasa stands guilty and embarassed. she bends down and asks whats she doing, as she wouldnt be able to forgive herself. she says that she can only use these hands to bless her. she tells her that being her maasa, she can never want wrong for her, and that she never wanted the truth to come out like this in front of everyone, and she never wanted her to be hurt. maasa blesses her through tears, and caresses her face. Pari picks her up, and Maasa hugs her, while tears stream down her cheeks, overwhelmed at what just happened, while sattu watches through tear splotched eyes. maasa is still reeling from the shock of pari’s unexpected response. dadi smiles through tears. maasa breaks down saying that she is extremely apologetic, and behaved as such a bad mother towards her. pari says that a mother can never be bad. Pari says that anyone can make a mistake, but the person who accepts it in front of everyone, he is noble. she says that she might have had sme reason behind doing what she did. Pari says that had she wanted, she would have let her go, but she stopped her back and without thinking about herself, she told the truth and a work like that, only a mother can do for her daughter. maasa says that she ruined her marriage due to maasa, and this house has suffered enough, and adds that being a good mother, she shall solve all her problems. pari gets emotional and says that she has no idea that she gave her a mother in her mother in law. maasa is shocked. the bahus fume. The screen freezes on pari’s emotional face.

Precap: Pari inds sattu going berserk, and continuousl harassing himself and hitting himself with a stick on his hand. she tries to intervene but he jerks her away. Later on the roof, maasa apologises to sattu, while he is heartbroken. she says that she can never apologise enough for hving ruined his marriahge, but all she can do is ask for forgiveness. she raises her arms to hug him. but he is distraught and goes inside. Maasa is distraught.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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