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Meri Sasu Maa 5th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
As pari comes to maasa’s door, she finds chaya and babita smirking outside, evilly, and asks maasa if she is fine inside, wondering what they have been upto. maasa screams from inside, that now their maasa is going to be dead forever. pari is aghast while they are amused to hear this. the bahus continue to incite her furthermore, that after bearing what she did, noone would want to live anymore. babita says that they showed her her true stature, and now she is reduced to nothing and leaves. pari is tensed.

In her room, the fake Ms. Oberoi aka roopmati continues to ogle at her beauty, and then dances along. Later, she thinks that its getting late, but needs to go stealthily, and hence takes a way out of the window, using the cloth as a rope, to climb down. while on the ground, she finds arti and other bahus, busy preparing a noose for maasa’s neck, and is thorughly amused, to hear their conversation, thinking that there shall be an accident today at all costs. they are amused, as to how they helped maasa one step closer to her own death. arti decides to give it a try. she gets atop the stool, and tightensd it around the neck, her feet planted firmly on the table. then pari sees this from a distance, thinking that now they shall know who is she, and that she shall counteract fear with fear itself, and that she shall teach them a lesson for even daring to think that they might be able to scare maasa. she throws a fake inscet at them, and they get distracted and the stool slips, and arti gasps for breath. chaaya and babita continue to try to hold onto her legs, so that she doesnt choke. pari comes in and taunts them amused. they beg her to help, while she says that she shall but asks her to tell how it happened. babita signals chaya not to. PAri asks them to tell what they were really upto. they have no option but to blurt it out, after hesitating for a long time. she hears it intently, while shocked at how low they can stoop. they beg her to save them, while she says that she cant, as its a police matter now, since trying to commit or incite a suicide is a crime too and she needs to inform the police. they are aghast, and continue to point out as to how they are extremely apologetic about this, as she dials the number, and places the call. they are distraught, as the doorbell rings. all are boggled as to how fast the police came. pari herself is stunned. she rushes out to get the police, seeing whom she wonders how is it possible, as she had just placed the call. she goes inside the storeroom with the inspector.

Meanwhile, the doorbell ringing, alarms others too, and they get to know from sharabi that the police came and rushed towards the storeroom straight. tehy rush there too, and find arti being salvaged somehow. they are shocked to see the police. the inspector says that she is arrested for the crime to commit suicide, and decide to take her to jail. she is apalled and cries and that she wont go, turning to everyone for help. she is distressed and distraught. chaya and babita are shocked too. the male members are tensed while sattu watches this all intently. she begs to shivpal for help. then she asks babita and chaya to speak up, but they stand silently. Just then, they hear maasa’s voice asking them to stop this drama. as she makes her wy in front of them, they are surprised to find that she hasd gotten rid of her plain old clothes and revamped herself in a new avatar, while all stand shocked as they see her. she comes to them, and asks them not to be surprised, as she decided that it was time for her to leave back her sacrificial life, and get back to living hale and hearty, as she wont die so soon, as much work is still pending. all are tensed. she asks the inspector to listen and then narrates how they all incited her to commit suicide, and what they did. they vehemently deny saying that maasa is casting false allegations. maasa corners them asking what was she doing then, and were they trying to commit suicide, which is a crime too, and that they shouldnt hide their mistake from the police. they are boggled. pari and granny are amused at their plight. maasa says that they wont say anything, but he should take them and put them behind bars, as they imagine what it must be like to be in jail. Just then, roopmati returns from outside, and is shocked at seeing maasa in a new style. she is tensed to see the police too and hides behind the pilar, thinking that they must be after her, and asks herself to leave before being caught. they ber her to consider before saying anything, and that her plain attire, forced them to think that she turned plain only, as with weather, she too changed. they are shocked. Pari smirks. devesh asks maasa to sdave them all, as she has contacts with the police. babita points out how pari called and promptly the call came. the inspector says that they got a call from someone before pari even.shivpal agitatedly asks who placed the call, and maasa stands up saying that it was her. pari and granny eye each other. maasa tells shivpal that she shall respond back in the same language that she is being talked to, and asks the bahus not to be surprised, as she merely abided by the law, to report anything thats wrong. roopmati is boggled. as they three are taken away, they beg to maasa to save them, iof not for them, then for the respect of the house. but she says that she should respect them and the law, and they are accused both ways, and shall face punishments. she comes to them and asks them to learn to adapt themselves in the jail pretty soon. roopmati is amused at her retaliation, and thinks that it shall be fun to see this drama. the bahus who are aghast take to her feet and beg them. maasa says that she shall do something, if they are ready to face punsihments. they rush to her feet. the sons try and ask her to forgive them, as they are the name of the family. she says that she shall do soemthing then. Maasa says that a mistake made at home, should be punished at home too and asks their husband to suggest and they comply, wanting to be prevented from her ire. she asks them to do 100 situps, and they resignedly comply, while their husbands tap them on the head with each one, as instructed by maasa. after doing half, their body aches and they beg maasa that they cant do anymore. pari is thoroughly amused. she says that there can be a role reversal then, if they dont like it this way, and that husbands can do the situps, while the wives tap then. kamlesh and devesh are shocked. roopmati is in splits of laughter saying that it would be fun going down against her. the screen freezes on maasa’s tensed face.

Precap: Maasa says that to teach them a lesson, she shall be a mother in law who is strict and stringent now. she assures them that they shall get a twisted mother in law so that can learn a lesson. Later, she tells pari indirectly, that to set the house straight, she herself is sufficient, and doesnt need anyone. pari stands tensedly.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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