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Meri Sasu Maa 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence and the police station
Maasa is watching the video footage of the CCTv installed at home, and is trying to get info, when the inspector comes and says that sattu is here. she immediately arranges herself, and comes out into the cellar. sattu comes and finds maasa pacing tensedly in the cell. he comes to her with his suitcase, while she asks him to let go of this madness, but he insists that he shall not budge, while she tries to make him understand of his responsibility towards the house. He takes his sheet and spreads it and lies down the ground, while maasa watches him tensedly.

Back home, pari notices that the powder isnt any washing powder, as sharabi had claimed to be, but actually a chemical. She is moreover determined to find out. Meanwhile, sharabi goes to the storeroom, and absent mindedly, while answering the phone, takes the chemical from the sack instead of detergent. when she comes out, and tries to develop a lather for washing clothes, by adding the chemical, she finds that there isnt any lather. pari passing by just then, notices it, and wonders whats the matter. she asks sharabi to go and get a lemon. sharabi complies, and gets one. when pari squeezes drops in it, it the turns blue, confirming her worst fears, that the chemical is in the house itself, and wonders if someone from the family is involved. she goes to the storeroom to check. Meanwhile, Babita and others get to know of this, and rush to see. when babita enters she finds the store room empty. They are surporised, but just to ensure safety, they lock the door from outside. inside, when pari comes out and tries to go out, she finds the door locked. meanwhile, the bhabhis leaves, wondering that pari is bothering them a lot with her investigation. Meanwhile, she somehow escapes and finds her way out. The bhabhis see her and ask where was she. she wonders whether to tell them or just sattu. She lies that she had gone out to find an auto, to take food to maasa at the police station. they resignedly leave. pari leaves with the food.

Later babita gets a phone call, and her husband tells her that her signal isnt coming across clear and he is having difficulty hearing her. Suddenly, the lights go off, and she hears a beeping sound. she cancels the phone, deciding to check, for the signal disruption. She is shocked to find the CCTV installed. she rushes to tell this to others, who are obliviously releived of being away from scrutinising glance. They are all shocked to hear of installed CCTV’s and wonder what to do now. but babita tells them that maasa thinks she can, but she wont be able to outsmart her, and then elaborates her plan that she shall now implicate pari in this, as the one who adulterated the milk. they all guffaw amusedly.

meanwhile, pari arrives at the station, and they both eye her tensedly. she hesitatingly says that she has brought food for maasa, and then gets inside the cell, while he keeps eyeing her tensedly. She asks maasa to eat, but she denies. she begs her not to do this, as it shall worsen her condition, and asks her to be angry at herself, but not the food. pari tries to convince her again of her moticves behind doin g this. Maasa calls pari close and then whispers something to her ear. Then she takes the plate and eats her food. pari and sattu are content to see this. then pari comes out and asks sattu to eat too. but he denies, while she insists. When he doesnt comply, she says that she shall stay here too with him, if he wont come along with her, and sits on a bench. Just then, a hooligan who has been recenrly put behind bars, for eavesteasing, chides her, and passes lewd comments. pari, maasa and sattu are tensed. Unable to control himself, any longer, he asks pari sternly to leave, but she is adamant to take him with her. When he is unable to hear the comments any longer, he goes and bangs the hooligan’s head. Maasa starts screaming asking her to go home, so that they might salvage whatever respect they have left, and asks sattu to take her, so that media doesnt get news out of this too. He complies and leaves in a huff, taking pari with him, by her hand. She looks behind and eyes maasa, and they both smile at each other, at the success of their plan to get sattu to home. the screen freezes on maasa’s face.

Precap: Pari arrives back with sattu, who is visibly angry and enraged. but she manages to tell him, that the chemical that adulterated milk was found in the house. he is shocked to know this. she adds that its someone from the house, or someone from outside implanted it. he is thoroughly shaken knowing this.

Written Update By Rimjhim


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