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Mere Angne Mein 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Raghav shouting on Kaushalya. He asks her to think and talk to Riya, she is their bahu. He asks Shanti and Kaushalya to manage things now, as Riya has no experience. Shanti says why, I will help Riya and let her manage. He says if anything wrong happens, I will not bear it, who will take care of finance. Sarla says give money to me, I will see all arrangements, I m here. Raghav says so its decided, give money to Sarla. Shanti thinks Raghav is doing mistake to give money to Sarla. She says Riya is innocent, and everyone use her innocent, she was mistaken in her marriage too, she did not know who is the groom, its good she got to know who is groom and his mum, else she would have become bahu of some other house.

Nimmi tells Preeti about this new angle that Shanti is taking Riya’s side. Raghav says you have seen everything there, try to understand, I m saying you check everything Riya does, go with her and check things, this is final now. He goes. Sarla asks Shanti about what happened, we got trapped in our own plan. Shanti thinks Sarla is right, how to trap Riya now.

Sharmili tells Vyom that Pari is trying hard to break his marriage. She says I will give up my life if this marriage does not happen and makes him swear. He says no mummy, I will talk to Pari, this marriage will not stop. Sharmili asks Mama did her words affected Vyom. She gets angry on Pari for doing all that drama.

Kaushalya cries and asks Riya why did she buy black sarees. Riya says trust me, I don’t know all this, I have checked all sarees, Renu was with me, Pari was not agreeing to me there. Sarla comes and argues with Riya to defend Pari. Riya cries. Shanti scolds Riya for blaming Pari.

Amit’s friend asks Amit to get money and suggests him to go home, as marriage is happening there. Amit likes the idea and smiles. Vyom looks inside Sujeev and Pari’s room. Sujeev says I got gold chain for Preeti and forgot to give her. Pari says I will go and give it to Preeti. Sujeev says no, I will send it by Mama. He gets Amit’s call. Amit says you forgot me. Sujeev says you called and made my problem easy. Amit says come to meet me, I have some work. Sujeev says fine, I will come. He leaves. Mama looks on as Vyom talks to Pari. Pari tells Vyom that they will run away. Vyom says you are misusing my love, if you break my marriage, I will tell your truth to Sujeev, let him beat me, but he will kick you out. Sharmili and Mama hear then. Pari says I loves you. Vyom says stay away from my marriage, else you don’t deserve my love. He leaves.

Rajendra and Bansi wait for Mohit. They see Mohit passing by and throw chilli on him. Mohit leaves on his bike. Shanti asks Riya did she feel bad of her words.

She asks Riya to dance. Renu asks Riya to dance a little along everyone. Sarla says neighbors will look at us with bad sight, we will do Preeti and Vyom’s court marriage. Shanti asks Nimmi to make Preeti dance. Everyone dance. Amit comes there and greets Shanti, Renu and others. Shanti pulls his ears and says you did not come till now, you are elder brother. Amit says I was very busy, I booked a haveli at Ganga shore, its my friend’s haveli. Rani praises Amit. Amit says I booked by 10000rs, now give me 25000rs more, then we can get that haveli, whose rent for 2 days is one lakh. Riya says how can we change venue like this, we already mentioned venue address in cards. Shanti tells Amit that Riya manages money now. She gets angry and takes Riya. She makes Riya sit on her swing and taunts her.

Shanti says Riya does not want to give 1 lakh now. Sarla thinks if Shanti does anything, my Sarla Sadan will not be made. Shanti asks Sarla to answer. Sarla says Riya is right. Shanti says it means I m wrong. Amit gets annoyed that he lost 10000rs and does drama. He goes out and calls his friend to say I m not coming now. He leaves from Shanti Sadan.

Kaushalya tells Shanti that she is going to temple. Sarla says I had mannat too, I will come along. Shanti gets angry. Sarla says I mean there are many work, we will go. Shanti asks Riya to get up, go and prepare for Preeti’s haldi. Rani says I will go with Riya. Shanti shouts are you sita and gita Jodi, go and help Preeti, I have taken sanyaas and now Raghav is asking me to manage.

Rani gets Sarla’s call. Sarla asks Rani to keep an eye there. Shanti thinks Riya will go to parlor, how to spoil her work this time, I have to careful else it will spoil Preeti’s face. She thinks of some idea.

Riya says Preeti is marrying someone else. Mohit says she is just mine, I will not leave that man alive. Riya asks him to threaten someone else.

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