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Mere Angne Mein 27th June 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sarla expressing the tank is heavy. Shanti sends the women to assist her and asks Shivam to fall her home. They leave. Kaushalya attempts getting the cellphone and Shanti stops her. Shanti sees the online video and will get offended. She helps make Kaushalya hear her terms reported in bhajan mandli that Shanti is quite sharp and he or she will likely not depart anyone. Shanti asks her concerning this. She commences crying and performing. Riya and Bunty occur there and think about excuses for making. Riya suggests her hero is rather wise and Bunty claims Shivam is correct, he desires to day along with her. They see Shivam with Sarla and hide. Bunty suggests she’s your for being mum in legislation.

Riya suggests I have seen her yesterday in demo, she was final customer. Bunty asks did she behave very well. Riya says I refused for demo, I used to be having late. She states aunty spoke to me properly, she’s like Shivam. She states Shivam is so sweet and caring. Sarla asks Shivam to sit down. He satisfies Sonal and asks her to give the letter. She asks for chaat. He suggests guaranteed have it and she gives the letter. He thanks her and Sarla asks whats the matter, why have you been thanking her, whats this envelop. Sonal says This is often my envelop, I can get scholarship, We’ll Opt for chaat. Sarla asks Shivam to send chaat for them also. He states good and asks Sonal to come back quick.

Bunty asks Riya to impress Sarla. They see Shivam with Sonal and ponder who is Woman. He usually takes the letter from her. Sonal suggests she forgot her cellphone and goes. He thinks to go property shortly. Riya phone calls him and he finishes the decision. She calls him and asks how is he experience now. He claims he is fine, is there something urgent. She says she desired to give him file and she is in close proximity to his property. He asks what, I m not in your own home, I m absent. He ends phone. Sonal arrives and he leaves along with her. Riya and Bunty cover. Riya says whats the issue.

Shanti begins packing her bag and states Kaushalya has ruined her regard infront of All people. She states she won’t trouble anyone and however she is considered these types of. Kaushalya asks what did I do. Shanti asks about movie. Kaushalya apologizes. Shanti states Raghav ought to see how my regard is ruined. Sarla tells Ashok that mum has presented her detergents. She suggests her mum has modified, but she didn’t. She claims she will utilize it for 2 months. Kaushalya claims he will be in do the job, don’t simply call him. Shanti states he will come residence, I’ll show him the movie. She asks her to contact Raghav. Raghav is active in perform and requires the call.

She claims mum hopes to talk. Shanti suggests she is not going to explain to now and he asks is every little thing wonderful. She says yes, and tells about oiling the sewing machine. He says he has get the job done and He’ll occur property to speak. Shanti coughs and asks for drinking water. Kaushalya cries and prays that Lord will save her. Nimmi asks how did she history this. Kaushalya states what to do now. Nimmi states we should do anything of the cellphone. Nimi usually takes the cellphone to delete the video. Kaushalya drops the glass currently being tensed. Shanti sees Nimmi With all the telephone. She requires the cellphone and punishes Nimmi that she received’t consume food until Raghav arrives property. Nimmi cries. Shivam will come dwelling they usually all explore the condition. He says we have to do a little something prior to father arrives. Sonal suggests she just arrived with Shivam. Preeti states Dadi is trapped, she was earning Sonal have kheer. Sonal suggests she has Excellent news, she understands about telephone. She says its in Nani’s Secure as well as the keys are in The real key bunch. Preeti says That is unfortunate news.

Anupam asks Riya for Amit’s proposal. Riya claims not now, whats the hurry. Anupam suggests the man’s mum met in marketplace and was asking. Riya states inform her I don’t wish to marry, my work is imp, not relationship. Sahil suggests yes, she is specializing in marriage a lot. Anupam claims fantastic. Riya scolds Sahil and he teases her. She suggests my sweet brother, my cutie brother, what Are you interested in, notify me. He says he would like every thing. She states great. He leaves. She will get angry.

Kaushalya tries convincing Shanti and claims she didn’t backbite about her. Shanti serves her foodstuff and asks her for being content. Absolutely everyone glimpse on and find out her drama. Anupam talks to Riya. She claims she wishes some time and thinks anything will likely be cleared in a few days. Sonal asks Shanti can she continue to be right here. Shanti claims This is often your property. Sonal suggests she’s going to train Nimmi. Shanti states she is going to call even Sarla dwelling. Kaushalya does her bedding Completely ready.

Shivam suggests mum provides vitamin tablets with milk day-to-day, this time It’s going to be sleeping tablet. The ladies get anxious. He claims Sonal will give her, as Dadi trusts her a great deal. Sonal suggests she can try out.

She asks who Is that this Shashikala. They smile and say your Nani. They giggle. Kaushalya gives the milk to Shanti. Sonal arrives there and receives concept to create Dadi rest. She switches off the lights and shuts the door. She suggests she’ll give vitamin tablets and provides her sleeping pill. Shanti eats it with no seeing. Sonal messages them that do the job is completed. They smile. Kaushalya is apprehensive.

Shanti plays radio and listens. She asks Sonal to snooze. Anyone look forward to her to sleep. Sonal messages them that Shanti did not sleep. Shivam, Preeti and Nimmi hold out outdoors and he says Prepare B. He calls another person and claims There may be thief within the locality. Preeti and Nimmi inquire what. A man calls Shanti and asks her to be careful as thief arrived in the locality. Sonal messages them that its time. Shivam smiles and asks Preeti to shut the lights.

Kaushalya states Raghav will probably be harm looking at the online video, what shall I do, I normally get stuck. She panics. Preeti shuts the house lights. Shanti says did thief shut lights. Nimmi shouts thief and Kaushalya brings a stay with defeat. Shanti can take the key bunch and Sonal provides her out. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to stay in room. Shanti calls Kaushalya. Sonal says We’ll connect with Shivam. Shivam asks Preeti to toss the pot. Preeti throws and Shanti receives shaken. The keybunch drop. Kaushalya claims allow me to go there. Nimmi states no. Preeti shows the keybunch and Shivam takes it.

Shanti claims she is going to begin to see the thief and asks where by did the keys go. Shivam asks Preeti to open the Safe and sound and delete video from cellphone, he will see Dadi. Sonal claims you didn’t give me the keys. Nimmi suggests keep listed here, I m concerned. Shivam goes to distract Dadi and asks her to keys back wherever it fell. He runs upstairs and Nimmi suggests she will go and lock the cupboard. Shanti looks to the keys. Preeti sees the video clip. Shanti asks how did the doorway near, probably thief is inside. Sonal states I closed the doorway after we arrived out. Sonal claims she is obtaining seem from that side.

Shanti demonstrates the movie to Raghav and everyone glimpse on tensed. Shivam asks Riya to become far from him and gets angry..

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