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Mere Angne Mein 19th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghav making calls to take help to find Shanti. Sarla interrupts and asks Raghav not to make big people know about Shanti. Raghav asks will Shanti come on her own, let me talk. A man comes and asks for Riya. Sarla asks why. The man says I want 5000rs from her. Raghav asks why money. The man says I have found Shanti and want money. Another man comes and says I got Shanti, give me money. Raghav asks what is this drama, get Shanti here. Sarla says Riya has posted these posters, now everyone will get their mothers here. Another man comes and says I got Shanti, is this Shanti’s house. Raghav asks them to go, he will find his mum on his own. The men argue and taunt them for the drama. Raghav asks Shivam to call police and kick them out. Shivam makes the people leave. Riya comes home and looks on.

Kaushalya asks Riya what are you doing. Riya says I got posters to find Dadi ji. Sarla says we got 100 Amma now, we will not get her like this. Riya asks then how will we get her, tell me. Sarla says we won’t get her, as she herself…. Riya asks what. Sarla says she is herself troubled by Riya, and changes words. Sarla asks Riya to stop it, Riya said Amma does drama always. Riya says yes, I did not mean it. Kaushalya says Shanti went as you troubled her. Riya says you are misunderstanding me, I don’t know why Sarla is making it an issue. Kaushalya asks her to mind her language. Raghav asks all of them to be quiet.

He requests Riya not to think good for this house, everyone gets troubled, maybe we can stay happy. He goes upstairs. Sarla blames Riya for all this. Riya asks Sarla to blame all her ancestors too. Kaushalya says I will kick you out of this house again, once Shanti comes back.

Sharmili and Mama get Vyom to clinic. Vyom asks Sharmili and Mama why did they get him to doctor. Mama asks him to answer few questions about Sujeev. Vyom asks why me. Mama says you know Sujeev well. Sharmili asks Mama to sit. Doctor comes there. Mama tells doctor that Vyom is acting strange, he saw a girl in my room. Vyom says but I really saw her. Sharmili says Vyom saw a man in our house, who was not there, Vyom thinks that man wanted to kill him. Vyom says don’t think I m like Sujeev, I m not mad. Doctor says I know person assumes what he is thinking is true. He asks Vyom does he get anger. Vyom gets angry and scolds doctor. He says I m not mad, and goes. Doctor asks Sharmili to admit Vyom, he needs treatment.

Raghav sees Shanti’s pic and is sad. Shivam says I will go with my friends and find Shanti. Raghav asks him to do anything and get Shanti, I will become your slave if you find Shanti. Shivam says I promise I will not come back home till I find Shanti. Kaushalya says Shanti’s family loves her a lot, I have belief we will get her. Shivam leaves.

Sarla talks to Shanti and tells what Riya did to find her. Shanti gets shocked knowing about posters. Riya comes there and hears Sarla. Sarla says I have blamed Riya, I told that Riya has made Shanti so sad and troubled that Shanti left. Shanti says great, what did Raghav say then. Sarla says Raghav got angry and asked Riya to forgive him, stop thinking good for them. She laughs and says it was so good, its happening what we were thinking, its good use of your leaving, I think Riya will leave in some days. Riya hears her. Shanti says I m happy hearing this, my son is coming back to me, I will kick out Riya forever this time. Sarla laughs and turns. She gets shocked seeing Riya. Shanti ends call and goes.

Sarla asks Riya why is she having red eyes, was she crying being sad by Raghav’s words. Riya says I m his daughter, he can scold me and get angry, he will forgive me too. Sarla goes to buy mangoes. Riya gets her phone and gets the last dialed number from her phone. Sarla comes back and takes her phone.

Nimmi cries seeing her family pic and says everyone forgot me, no one is worried for me. She goes out and sees that locked room open. She goes inside room and finds it very messed up. She gets some pics in a box. She checks Sharmili’s pic with her sister, whose face is not seen clearly. Pari comes and scolds Nimmi for entering this room. She says I will tell Sharmili. Nimmi stops Pari and asks why were you locking door, I went there as door was open, do anything, I will tell Sharmili that you took me there. Pari asks will you lie to Sharmili. Nimmi says yes, so what, and taunts Pari.

Kaushalya calls out Shanti to ask what to cook and gets sad realizing Shanti is not at home. She says I have no habit to live without Shanti, come back soon, where are you. Riya calls on that number and asks the man about the place. He says its Dharamshala in Banaras. She asks about any old lady. He asks why are you asking, you guys first kick out old parents and then pretend to find them. Riya says no, our Dadi jis is not here, so I called to check, is there any Shanti Devi here. He says I don’t think she is here. He ends call angrily. Riya thinks why will Sarla any Dharamshala, is Shanti there….

Riya calls Nandu and asks does he have any idea where is Shanti. Nandu tells her where Shanti was last seen. 

Written Update by Amena

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