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Mere Angne Mein 14th July 2016 Written Update

He says I will sing a song to relieve your worry. Riya says no, your voice is bad and shuts ears. The man follows Nimmi till house and she gets angry. Preeti thinks now Nimmi will know. The man says he is Nimmi’s old love. Riya defends Nimmi. Nimmi beats the man. Preeti asks Shanti to come and see whats happening. Pari and Preeti sign each other and smile. The man and neighbors blame Nimmi to have affair, and having bad relation with her husband. Shanti scolds the neighbors. They take Nimmi inside house.

Rani asks Sarla are you thinking you took wrong decision. Nirmala asks Sarla to apply thumb impression. Sarla says I sign, not put thumb, what all this. Nirmala says its written that I will do all my wife’s duty towards Ashok, I will have saas and mum’s rights too, you can do your work, but not have rights on Ashok, you won’t be around Ashok else he won’t see me as his wife. Sarla worries. Nirmala says I will give you money. Sarla asks Rani to read this once. Rani says no need, I have written all this. Sarla thinks to sign.

Nimmi cries. Shanti scolds her and asks where did she go. Nimmi says I went to take Preeti’s medicines. Preeti says I would have not sent Nimmi, if I knew her character, I asked her not to go, and she said she will go. Kaushalya and Nimmi get shocked. Shanti tells Nimmi not to step out of Shanti Sadan from today, this house walls are her limits. Riya says its not Nimmi’s mistake. Shanti shouts on Nimmi. Nimmi promises she won’t go out of house and cries. Preeti thinks it happened what I wanted. Shanti cries.

Rani says I don’t need to sign, I will keep Nirmala till she keeps us happy. Nirmala says I m going to become your saas now, don’t joke with me. Pari comes and asks whats this drama going on. Rani says Nirmala is your new mummy, she has bought Ashok. Amit scolds Pari. Pari says I won’t accept Nirmala. Nirmala says then leave from this house. Rani tells Pari what Nirmala is giving them, land and bungalow. Sarla says its real property, come I will explain you.

Sarla tells Pari that Nirmala is going to die after one month, she is ill, she named her property to me, then we will go in rich bungalow. Pari says fine, does Shanti know this. Sarla says no, don’t tell Shanti. Pari asks for money to keep this secret. Sarla says I will slap you. Pari says I will call Ashok. Sarla says fine, I will give 500rs. Pari asks 10000rs. Sarla says I don’t have money. Pari threatens. Sarla says I will give in installments. She gives 1000rs. Pari says I will adjust now, I have a good news, I got fighting started in Shanti’s house, now Nimmi can’t go out of house. Sarla gets glad knowing Preeti supported Pari.

Nirmala asks Sarla to talk infront of her. Pari hugs Nirmala and sings mummy number two she acts sweet and says I loves you. Amit asks Sarla to talk to pandit.

Kaushalya cries. Shanti asks her not to cry and goes. Shivam comes and sees Kaushalya crying. He gets worried and asks what happened. She says nothing. He asks where is Nimmi. She says in her room. He asks her who will see Nimmi if you cry like this. She says people are making news about Nimmi, you see her, else she will break. He promises nothing will happen to Nimmi.

Riya surprises Nimmi and shows her admission done in fashion designing institute again. Nimmi cries happily. She says I left that course. Riya says I got you readmitted. They cry and hug.

Shivam asks Nimmi and Riya not to hide anything, else he will tell Shashikala. Shanti comes and asks who is Shashikala. Shivam gets shocked.

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