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Mere Angne Mein 11th October 2015 Written Update

Sujeet asking Mama to show magic. He says I will shoot you and you stop this magic. He shoots at the vase and Mama asks him to stop. Sujeet stops at the frame. Mata ji says he will die now. Sujeet dances saying Mama got afraid and gets stunned seeing the gun in his hand. He asks why is this gun in my hand, why is Mama sweating, why are they sitting on table. He asks them to sit on sofa and leaves. Mata ji says we have to do something, increase the medicine dose, double it.

Vyom says I will talk to Pari. Mata says Navratri is coming, we have to make Sunehri ready, we will get much chadava and asks them to get to work. Shanti asks Kaushalya to invite her bhajan mandli. Kaushalya calls her friend and invites them for Navratri function at their home. She can’t hear and puts phone on speaker. Her friend tells bad about Shanti and they get shocked. Riya stops the speaker and helps Kaushalya. Preeti cries and leaves. Kaushalya gets tensed. Raghav asks what happened. Shanti tells about groom’s family coming to see Preeti, she thought to invite bhajan mandli too. Shanti takes phone and asks the ladies to come, she will give them prize too. She returns phone to Kaushalya and asks her to get ready.

Vyom and Mama do the arrangements for Navratri function. Mata ji says she will not take any tension, and about the room. Mama says I will manage everything. She sends clothes for the lady staying in room upstairs. Nimmi says I will talk to Dadi. Kaushalya says Dadi is strict, but loves you both, I m whatever I m is because of her. Nimmi says I know this. Shanti calls Kaushalya. Preeti asks Nimmi not to let Shanti sacrifice her and not bear any injustice.

Nimmi says this can’t happen in my presence. The nail polish falls on Preeti’s money envelop. Nimmi says sorry. Preeti says if anything happened. Kaushalya gets ready and shows Shanti her hairdo. Shanti says they are coming to see Preeti, look at Sarla, she is so simple. Shanti says bring food seeing their status. She says Riya is taking much time to get ready, I will go and see.

Shivam sees Riya getting ready. He gets an idea and smiles. He gets a fake lizard and thinks to see how she does not come to him now. She wears earrings. He thinks she is concerned for box more than me, now I will show her. Kabhi jo badal barse……………..plays…………….. She applies bindis and changes after showing him and taking his approval. He winks to her and they smile. He goes near her and puts lizard on the mirror. He gets away. She smiles and turns to mirror. She sees the lizard and sees its fake. She takes it and he waits for her to come and hug him. She calls out Mr Stranger and shows the fake lizard. She says this was just a cheap idea, try better next time and throws it. Shanti comes there and lizard falls on her saree. Shanti screams seeing it. Shivam and Riya ask where is it, and calm her. Shanti is scared and murmurs. She leaves and goes downstairs.

Rani gets ready. Sonal compliments her and brings Gajra for her. She fixes the Gajra. Sarla comes there and Rani argues with her. Sarla taunts Rani and tells Amit that Rani has kept fast for him. Amit says no fast will help, just go. Sonal says Amit is joking. Amit gets a call and tells the man that he will give money soon, and acts that his mummy has died, he has done her final rites now. Sarla looks on and cries. She says you made me die, this day was left to be seen. He asks her to listen to him. She cries and beats Amit. Sarla asks Sonal to go to Shanti Sadan. Pari is leaving and Sarla stops her.

She asks her to take leave from parlor, they have to go to Shanti’s house for the cd. Shanti changes clothes and asks Kaushalya to get saree dry cleaned. Kaushalya laughs. Raghav asks did she wrap lizard in it. Kaushalya screams seeing lizard in Shivam’s pocket and hugs Raghav. Raghav asks what happened, everyone is here. Shivam hides the lizard. The children laugh and Shanti stares at them. Raghav says everyone is seeing. Kaushalya gets away.

Mata ji and Mama welcome the guests for the function. Mata says I will see Sunehri Mata. Sujeet asks Mata to remove the anklet and is irked by the sound. Vyom comes and asks Mata why did she wear this. She gets hurt. Sujeet removes the anklet and sees her foot got wounded. Sujeet asks Vyom how did she get hurt and goes to get medicine. Mata cries.

Shanti and her family do the Navratri puja. Shanti prays that Preeti is liked by the guy. Nimmi prays she will not let Preeti become Shanti’s target. Sarla asks Ashok not to go anywhere. Ashok says I have to go. Sarla gets angry and he leaves. Sarla asks Rani to be at home. Pari says Rani is not at home. Sonal says Rani went to get rickshaw, I can’t come along, I have to study. They leave. Mata cries and says I m fed up of Sujeet. Vyom consoles her. Mama comes and Mata asks him why did he not face Sujeet. The people cheer for Sunehri Mata and Mama goes to see. Sarla asks Rani to go home and Rani scares her of police.

Pari argues with Rani and Rani asks Sarla to sit. Pari says I will not sit in rickshaw, no ways. Mama asks Mata and Vyom to see. Sujeet plays the dhol and is with the people downstairs. Mata says I m glad seeing this, we have to start our work now, invite Sunehri Mata. Vyom says we have to make Sujeet and Pari meet. Mata says he looks normal. Vyom says I will talk to Pari and call her at coffee shop. Rani asks Pari to call car guy to drop her. Sarla asks Pari to sit. Vyom calls Pari. Rani asks who is he. Sarla’s purse falls. Sarla sits to pick things and sees blank papers between dollars. She says foreigner has given me fake money. She asks Pari to go Shanti Sadan, I will do my work and come, keep an eye on that thing, understood. Pari nods. Sarla leaves. Rani and Pari leave while arguing.

Riya will come downstairs. Shanti asks Riya to go on work on her scooty and come property on time. Riya greets Raghav and Kaushalya. Shivam asks Riya will she go on scooty, she will feature him on his bike. Riya asks why, Dadi informed me, I don’t travel with strangers. Shivam asks her to bring his tiffin. Raghav sees them and suggests I don’t like this, I make and Shivam also earns, why this scooty is ship by Anupam, I will obtain scooty for Riya by my reward. Shanti jokes on his self-worth. Raghav states I m not joking, I’m able to’t digest this. Shanti asks Preeti and Nimmi to try and do arrangements. Nimmi suggests they don’t give money to us, and new scooty for Riya. Preeti claims Indeed, why two cars if they’re going to same Workplace. Shanti thinks Sarla’s Chandra haar will not arrive if Raghav buys scooty.

Mata prays that Sujeet will get married. Vyom says Pari is not really getting get in touch with, I understand her, she’s drama queen, don’t fear, I can make Sujeet and Pari fulfill, its time for Sunehra Mata. Mama says hold out, Allow a lot more chadava occur. Shanti tells Raghav that she has done all arrangements, if proposal is preset, We’ll give sweets. Raghav asks whats the hurry, know men and women initially. He gets a simply call and suggests no, its not possible, groom’s family is coming to find out my daughter, is no-one there on responsibility, fantastic I will come. He ends contact and tells Shanti that he must go. Shanti asks him to go, she will manage. She asks him to fall her to jeweler to acquire ring. Raghav asks her not to hurry, serene down.

Shanti says I m contemplating to complete shagun. He suggests fantastic, do what you really feel right, I will get ready and are available. Preeti cries Listening to them. Nimmi says Shanti has prepared every little thing. Nimmi consoles Preeti. Preeti suggests I don’t desire to marry anyone. Nimmi asks her to go away it on her, I’ll see Shanti’s ideas.

Nimmi reads the letter that Sarla is kidnapped. Somebody kidnaps Sarla. Shanti is stunned.

Written Update By Sahir


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