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Mahek 28th July 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Niki scolds at the servanrs. She says to Ajay we took his wealth not his talent. He can recreate his business. He is meeting his investors for a new business. I will buy those investors but if only you people don’t do something this time. She leaves. mohit says if niki said don’t do anything that doesn’t mean we will not.

Bua ji is telling Jevan stories. Kanta stares at him. She says Shaureya is going here and there to make things better and you are here making jokes. Instead of going out and finding some work you are sitting here. Karuna says Shaureay is the son of this house. He will do something for sure.
Haresh says till shaureaya gets a AC I will wear these cool clothes. Jevan says of course we have to do something. Not only be a burden on Shaureya.


says to Mahek everything is over in the house. Haresh comes in kitchen and says can we have chicken or something? Kanta says they are vegetarian. They can’t cook mean here. Mahek you cook what you make in this house. Mahek says lets fullfil his wish. Mansi says so we will cook non veg?

Dinner is served. Pd says where is haresh? Karuna says he doesn’t want to eat. Haresh comes and says no mahek has arranged such a good minced meat. It is so delicious. Mahek says it is qeema of vegetables.
Shaureya comes home. Kanta asks Ravi did you find any work? Shaureya says why you ask him? Don’t you have trust in me? Kanta says we trust our son. But we can’t burden you all the time. We have to contribute as well. Go and change.

Shaureua comes to room and hugs him. She says how was your day? He says when you come home to such a beautiful wife the day gets better. She says I have to go to work. I will work at a dhaba. He says why? You think I can not earn? She says I know you will handle everything. I am just trying to help. He says do whatever you want.

Scene 2
Mahek comes to dhaba and helps them in cooking. There are men there. The waiter comes and says the guests are saying daal is not tasty. Bring the cook here. Mahek says I am sure its shaureya. Its a man with a hoodie. Mahek says for how long will you repeat the same joke. He takes off the hoodie. Its Rohit and Ajay. Roshit says how are you? Mahek sasy why are you here? Rohit says you look so good when you shout like this. The dhaba owneer says don’t annoy her. Ajay shows him gun and says get lost. Rohit says we didn’t even touched you didn’t tear your clothes. Mahek says I will call police. He grasps her wrist. Roshit says let me do what I want to do to you. Or you know i am an animal. Sardar ji comes and hits him on head with a rod. Ajay takes out his gun. They beat sardar ji a lot. mahek tries to save him. Rohit is about to hit her. Shaureya holds his hand. Shaureya beats Rohit. Ajay points a gun at him.
Shaureya walks towards ajay.

Precap-Shaureya says shoot me. He twists his hand hand and beats him. Rohit gets up and points the gun at mahek. Shaureya’s phone is left open. Everyone in the house is listening to all this and are worried.

Written Update by Atiba

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