Yeh kahan Aa Gaye Hum and tv

Doesn’t this track take us back to the 90’s movie Junoon?

The upcoming episodes of ‘Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum’ on &TV featuring the hot Karan Kundra and newbie Saanvi Talwar will soon churn out a mysterious drama revolving around a tiger paw being spotted in the house!

Rahul (Karan Kundra) will soon be seen turning into a tiger in front of Maanvi (Saanvi Talwar) due to the curse.


Soon, Rahul and Maanvi will go out together but their car will be left damaged on account of the heavy rains. At this moment, Rahul will suddenly feel a strong force pulling him into a different zone and he will hunt for a temple.

A source informs, “While in search of the temple, Rahul will transform into a tiger and Maanvi will encounter this shocking transformation! It will later get revealed to his family that Rahul is cursed and will transform into a tiger on every full moon light.”

Doesn’t this track take us back to reminiscing about the 90’s movie Junoon?

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