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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 29th July 2017 Written Update

Karuna tells Inspector that incident is old and Amla was a kid then. Inspector asks did you file police complaint then. Abeer says my wife is missing since 2 hours and asks him to search her. Inspector says she is not a kid, but if she went with her wish then he can’t do anything. Abeer gets Viren’s call and goes to attend it. Karuna asks Inspector to search her. Inspector says ok, then truth will be out. Abeer picks Viren’s call. Viren asks him why didn’t he go when he was so adamant to go and troubled him a lot. He says if you tell anything to Police then I will not leave you. Abeer says so Mandakini told you everything and says you have nothing to do with whatever I do. Viren says I have to do, you fool. If Amla is found by Police then he will interrogate her. He says I see police
interrogation daily, and says if Amla opens her mouth then Police will not leave you. Abeer says you don’t care about Amla or me, you just wants to safeguard Malik’s family. Viren asks him to search Amla before police, and says if that girl is not found then she can become danger to us.

Dev is trying suits in the shop and recalls words telling him that he is getting the things easily for which many people are ready to do anything. Dev asks him to trust him. Evan says I want honest man like you and says from today you will follow my orders although Mama has hired you. Dev thanks him and says you have helped me when I was in need. Evan asks him to make sure that he don’t have any trouble, and says it is all about give and take. He gives him money and asks him to change his attire, and he shall look like Evan Malik’s man. Dev wears the selected suit and comes out of the shop. He thinks Viren Asthana, the old Dev was weak, failed and helpless man, but now I am changed man, see what I will do now. I will fulfill my revenge with Amla and will become a rich man, I will write my own destiny with Malik’s help.

Anisha gives coffee to Amla in her house. Amla says you might be thinking I have troubled you early morning, but I have no way. She says I don’t know even you, but felt some closeness with you and that’s why called you. Anisha asks if I had not pick the call then also you would have left. Amla says yes. She asks what is the problem, if her husband beaten her. Amla nods no. Anisha asks if you love him. Amla says she can’t love him. Anisha asks about her marriage. Amla is silent. Just then door bell rings. Anisha asks Amla to take rest in guest room and goes to open the door. She opens the door and finds Dev standing, gets shocked.

Abeer asks Raghu not to lose hope and stop crying. He says we will search her. Karuna worries about Amla. Abeer says someone might have seen her going and asks her to enquire in neighborhood. He says he will go and search her till then. He thinks Amla where are you?

Rishan tells Suveer and Evan that they are getting punished for their sins. He asks if the call is gone.. Evan says no. Abeer is searching Amla on road. Evan calls him and asks if Amla is found or not. Abeer says who are you to ask. Evan says you were about to leave the city, and asks why did he change plan. He says I won’t let you successful and will kill you before you do anything. Rishan, Viren and others looks on. Evan says you and your good for nothing wife can’t harm us. Abeer warns him not to say anything against Amla, else he will kill him. Evan calls him loser and asks do you know with whom you are talking. Abeer asks him to come infront of him and talk and ends the call.

Evan says I am going to kill this guy. Viren says you will not do anything. We have to think with calm mind. Evan says do whatever you want. Rishan asks him to go and take personal driver Dev also, then they don’t have do anything. Evan says Chacha I am telling you. Raunaq says stop and says if Amla have went to Dev. Rishan says we will know soon. Evan says he will call Dev, he is my servant. Viren says what you will ask, and says we have to ask cleverly.

Evan thinks if his decision is right or right and thinks if needs be, then he will do and not die. Anisha is shocked to see Dev coming to her house wearing suit. He gives her something. Anisha says she was going somewhere. Dev says I thought you will be happy. Anisha says her friend came and they have to go where. Dev says I will drop you both. Amla hears his voice and comes out of room. Anisha pushes Dev out. Dev asks why you are pushing me. Anisha says if her friend sees him then she will think he is her boyfriend and tells that she came from small city and will go in shock. Dev says boy friend? Anisha says male friend. Amla comes there.

Mando gets divorce papers and is shocked. Abeer searches for Amla. Anisha asks Amla why did she leave Dev? Amla asks how you know him. Anisha calls Dev and tells that she has found Amla.

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