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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 27th July 2017 Written Update

Mannu gets happy seeing Abeer and says you had gone last night. Abeer says I didn’t go, I was here. He asks him to get ready for school. Mando says I don’t know what is happening. Mannu brings school bag and asks Abeer to come. Karuna smiles. Mando says Mannu said that he left, but he came and said that he was here. Karuna says may be Mannu saw dream as you keep on saying that Abeer will leave us. Mando says I understand and goes inside. Karuna wonders why did he return. Amla recalls Abeer saying that he will leave. She thinks I should have understood that he is a big liar.

Anisha recalls bringing Dev to her house just as he was about to shout Amla’s name standing outside her house. Dev wakes up and asks how I am here? Anisha thinks he don’t remember anything and tells that

he came to her house last night.

Karuna asks Abeer what happened? Why did he return? Abeer says don’t know and tells that his feet and heart were saying differently. He says whenever he closes his eyes, he sees Amla. He says he was worried about her and may be I will never leave her. Karuna asks why do you think that you can never go far from her. Abeer smiles and says may be I love her. Amla hears everything and gets tensed. Karuna laughs. Abeer says I don’t know how did it happen, and what to do. Karuna laughs. Abeer says you are happy, I thought you will get angry. Karuna says she is happy as she knows this, and wanted him to realize this. Amla gets angry and goes to her room. She breaks the photo frame and thinks about Abeer’s love confession.

Karuna asks will you tell Amla? Abeer says no and tells that she hates me and will continue to hate me. He says when she got missing, I found her sitting scared and crying. He says I wanted to hug her and tell that I am there for her. Later she told me that she cried because of Dev. He says I don’t deserve even her hatred. Karuna tells him that she is happy with his realization, and asks him to have patience till Amla accepts him. Abeer says I have come back for her safety too, don’t want anyone to harm Amla in any way. Karuna says Dev. Abeer says yes. Karuna says now as you returned, nobody can harm Amla.

Dev says sorry to Anisha. Anisha says it is same dialogue, asks him to relax. She asks him to tell next time before coming and also brings lemon as she went out and brought it. Dev laughs.

Mannu comes back home and tells that electrical repairing shop. Abeer comes and tells that he is thinking to open electrical repairing shop. Raghu asks him to make his assistant. Amla looks angrily. Mando says Abeer cares for us so much and says now you have no reason to get angry. Amla signs him to come out. Mando teases Amla for signing him to come to side. Amla and Abeer go out. Karuna asks Mando if she wants Abeer to go forever. Mando says she wants Abeer’s shop to run and earn money. Karuna asks her not to tease Amla or Abeer.

Dev talks to Sultan and tells that he got his job back when he apologized. Sultan says I thought you have begged infront of him touching Malik’s feet. He says don’t know why they have given you job, if they love you so much. Dev gets thinking and says what might be the reason. He recalls Suveer getting scared and running away, and tells that they are afraid of me. He says they have to give whatever I ask. Sultan asks him to ask Staff quarters. Dev says I have a sea now, see what I ask them now.

Abeer comes out to meet Amla. Amla asks him to stay there and tell that you said that you will be leaving and asks why did he lie? Abeer says I was going and showed you tickets too. Amla says she don’t believe him and tells that may be tickets and divorce papers are all fake. Abeer asks her to trust him. Amla says ok, now I will give divorce to you.

Suveer asks Rishan to give him servant’s quarters and also 7 lakhs rs. Rishan is shocked. Abeer reads Amla’s letter left by her and is shocked to know that she left house. He comes to Police station to file missing complaint. Inspector questions Raghu. Raghu says Amla had went from house once.

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