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Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 23rd August 2017 Written Update

Amala tells Mahi what happened in the engagement night…Mahi says stop it I can’t hear anymore…Suveer how could he…she is crying…Amala holds her hand and tries to console her…Mahi hugs Amala.

Everyone is waiting outside anxiously…Darshan asks Viraj not to look scared…he says Rishan Malik is not a weak player he will not let anything happen to his son..he will prove that this girl is lying…Divya listens this and leaves from there in a disgust.

Rishan asks Viren how come they reached here.
Evan tells his mom why is everyone behaving like this..they should react as if they don’t know this girl…stupid people…Hema says I am worried about you.

Mahi brings Amala out…Thakur asks her what this girl said.
Mahi hugs her mom and says I want to leave…Thakur asks her what happened…Mahi says I don’t want any relation with these people…Rishan comes and says Mahi this girl is lying…she just wants money…Viren also says they are blackmailing us.

Mahi says dad they have kept her quiet…and today Mamaji sent goons after Amala.

Thakur Saab is shocked.

Viren again says the girl wants money and hence blackmailing us…Abeer says if you have not done anything why we will blackmail you…and tell them why you were stopping us to reach here.

Suveer comes and says Mahi listen to me…Mahi says don’t talk to me.

Mahi then asks Thakur to send their security guards with Amala and Abeer so that they can reach home safely.

Thakur says to Rishan you have cheated us…lied to us…ypu will pay for this. I will not forget this thing.

Rishan asks these people are after money they are lying.

Abeer shouts and says Amala is not here for money or justice…she just wanted to save Mahi’s life and tell her the truth…i know how disgusting you people are…and Amala is not lying.
He then asks Amala to go from there.

Thakur asks them to stop. He says our security will go with you.
Abeer thanks him.
Mahi also thanks Amala. Amala folds her hands in a thankulful manner to Thakur saab.
Abeer and Amala leave.

Mahi says Papa let us also leave.
Suveer asks Mahi to stop…she slaps him.
She says what is the use of your education your money if you can’t respect woman…what you have done to Amala only an animal can do…you are an animal.

Evan thinks why is Mahi only taking Suveer’s name…may Amala said only about Suveer.
Evan comes and tells Mahi that Amala is lying.
Mahi says since how long you are keeping this a secret…i was blinded by love…but now I know the reality.

Rishan again tries to stop them and says that girl is trying to extort money since long.
Ritu says if she wanted money she would have asked for it na…why would she will come here and says all these things…no girl will do that.
Thakur asks ritu not to argue with these people.
He says to Rishan I will not forgive you for this.
And Thakur family leave from there.

Abeer and Amala are in car on their way to home.
Abeer asks Amala are you okay.
She says today first time I got a chance to tell someone my truth. I have spoiled Mahi’s life.
Abeer shush her.
They both them remember their wedding.
Abeer then says atleast she got to know the truth before marriage…otherwise she would also got married to a monster.
Amala looks at him but do not say anything.

Rishan and family are in their bar area.
Rishan throws bottles and is drinking.

He asks Viren where is your Bablu Singh where are his goons…how come they let that girl reach here.
That girl came here and ruined everything. Where is that Dev. What happened to your plan of making him out pet dog.

Pallavi says that girl said truth only…Rishan asks her to keep quiet…otherwise he will hit her.

Viren says that girl has no proof…she was quiet for so long…i will prove her wrong…Thakur is listening to her…we will prove her wrong.
Evan is laughing…Rishan and Viren look at him.
He says I wanted to handle Abeer and Amala but you guys stop me. Now again you have a new plan.

Viren says the matter has not yet reach the court. I will prove that girl a liar.

Evan says another plan of your which will eventually fail.
Viren says it is because of my plan only you guys are not in jail.
Evan says no…that’s because you just want to save the high profile son that is why…but now there is nothing left to be save. So if anyone is interested in listening to his plan can keep doing it…i Will go and take revenge for my I.

PRECAP – Abeer and Amala are sitting outside their house.
Amala says…i have only hated you…but you have always supported me and helped me. Abeer is shocked to hear this.

Written Update by Bhawna

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