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Kumkum Bhagya 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Tanu that he obtained her DNA test finished to grasp the reality. Tanu asks what do you want? Nikhil claims he won’t leave right until he hears which the baby is his. Tanu states ok, this little one is yours. Nikhil smiles and says he is so happy. He’ll set every thing in her feet. Tanu asks him to stop dreaming and says this little one is yours, but I will give him Abhi’s identify. Pragya keeps trying to find Tanu and miracles where by is she? Nikhil asks how can Abhi accepts somebody else little one. Tanu says Abhi loves me, and didn’t understand about baby’s real truth. He will give me many of the pleasure of daily life. Nikhil asks what do he have, which I don’t have. Tanu suggests you gain in thousand, but Abhi earns in crores. She states I don’t desire to Reside middle class life. Nikhil suggests I accept that Abhi is a huge rockstar, but he can’t enjoy you a lot more than me. Tanu asks him to stop bothering her, and claims she will’t love him as she loves Abhi. She asks him to go and make spouse and children with other girl.

Nikhil states he will not likely go anyplace and make her know his love. He suggests sooner or later you might arrive at me and asks me to marry you. Pragya knocks on the door. Tanu asks him to go. Nikhil says I won’t Enable everything take place for you or our child. She pushes him to go and opens the door. Pragya asks why you will be in this home? Tanu makes excuses. Pragya suggests she listened to somebody voice and asks that’s it? Tanu states nobody.

Abhi and family arrive at house, and just then Sarla also reaches along with her loved ones. Dadi greets and welcomes them. Dadi praises Bulbul. Abhi suggests she’s not on the lookout additional superior than Purab. Bulbul also teases him that Purab would’ve been remaining unmarried with no her. Abhi states He’s a rockstar and would have bought a good Woman for Purab. Dadi claims Bulbul is one particular in million. Pragya senses a thing is Incorrect and asks In case you are great? Tanu says she’s experience unwell Which’s why stayed at your home. Pragya asks her to sit back, and helps make her drink water. Tanu says I am suffocating listed here and asks her to feature her. Pragya sees Nikhil’s shoes at the rear of the curtains and goes to examine. Tanu prays to God to avoid wasting her. Pragya is about to examine, but just then Tanu throws the glass to divert her attention. Pragya concerns her and asks her not to worry. Nikhil escapes from there, leaving his sneakers there by itself. She goes back and checks the curtains, but uncover only sneakers. Tanu says no one is there. Pragya thinks someone was there. Tanu suggests lets go downstairs.

Dadi asks Pragya, why did you come back household, without informing us? Pragya says Dadi………just then Bulbul comes and talks to Pragya’s toddler, asking how she’s looking? Tanu asks infant is smaller and may’t hear you. Bulbul states newborn can hear her relative’s voice, and asks for her boyfriend. Everybody chuckle. Dadi’s friend suggests Tanu retains on transforming her boyfriend and asks who is her latest boyfriend. Tanu is irked and thinks Aaliya will educate her a lesson. She calls Aaliya, but her amount is away from protection region.
Dadi and Dasi gossip in the occasion. Nikhil comes devoid of donning his sneakers. Pragya appears at him suspiciously. Tanu thinks he is a fool, to not have on his sneakers. Pragya might capture him. She asks where by is your sneakers, and why you’re stumbling? Nikhil states he is completely fine. Purab tells that he satisfied with a collision outside. He was likely household, but I called him below. Abhi states I will contact medical doctor. Nikhil states he is okay. Pragya tells Tanu that Nikhil might be during the place and was hiding. Tanu says it truly is rubbish and asks her why he would disguise there. She asks her to carry on thinking and goes from there.

Bulbul tells Abhi hat she wants to talk to him. Abhi asks her to inform fastly. Bulbul claims two mins, and asks him to kiss Pragya. Abhi and Pragya argue. Abhi says your mum questioned me to let you know this. Pragya asks what did Maa say? Abhi claims he won’t tell. Pragya retains his collar and asks explain to me……….Bulbul claims she was shy before, but now asking for much more kiss. Bulbul suggests your 2 mins are concluded and asks him to go. Abhi suggests she’s mad and leaves. Bulbul will make her sit.

Tanu tells Nikhil that Pragya is doubting him and asks him to leave. Nikhil says he wants to be with her. Just then Pragya comes and sees them closer.

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