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Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2015 Written Update By Prince

Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode commences with Pragya lying to Bulbul that she introduced Tanu property as her dwelling is burnt and many others. Bulbul asks Tanu to inform the reality. Pragya receives an concept and tells that Tanu contains a boyfriend. She really wants to go forward with him and she questioned me to talk to him. Bulbul asks is Pragya expressing the reality? Tanu claims Indeed, no after which yes. Bulbul claims it doesn’t have an effect on me, When you’ve got one particular or numerous boyfriends. It is good that you choose to took Abhi out of the intellect and blesses her. She goes to satisfy Abhi.

Tanu tells Pragya, why did you lied to Bulbul. Pragya says she couldn’t inform as Abhi didn’t know the truth. Tanu asks Pragya to restrict Bulbul from informing Some others about her boyfriend. Bulbul concerns Abhi. Abhi claims you need to have told me to go out of place. Bulbul says she twisted her finger to grasp the reality. Abhi states you ought to be punished. Bulbul states I understand about The key. I understand regarding your promise built to Tanu. Abhi asks how Do you realize? Bulbul states I spy on her. Abhi says so you know everything and has no dilemma. Bulbul says Tanu includes a boyfriend now and she or he will never come between you and Pragya now. She suggests there is not any danger now. She asks him to select that person for Tanu. Abhi thinks Tanu includes a boyfriend And that i didn’t know. Bulbul asks him not to tell Tanu and Pragya. Abhi receives offended as they have got hidden about Tanu’s boyfriend.

Beeji will get Prepared. Sarla tells Pragya has to be All set, we shall go away now. Beeji says we’ve been heading like much family, you had currently blessed her. Sarla states We’ll discuss later on. Beeji talks about outdated news and contemporary news. She gives instance. Sarla tells it seems Beeji has grown previous. Beeji says she will not likely tell them any new information in long term. Sarla says she can get automobile.

Abhi concerns room and stares Pragya and Tanu. He lets you know both equally have hid a large fact from me. Abhi states you hide your boyfriend? Pragya claims I don’t have any boyfriend. Abhi claims He’s talking about Tanu’s boyfriend. Tanu states I don’t have any boyfriend and shouts. Pragya tells Abhi that she advised Bulbul about Tanu’s boyfriend, and lied to her. Tanu asks Abhi, will he believe on any nonsense from anyone. Abhi states she’s Pragya’s sister. Tanu states she’s not your sister. Abhi jokes along with her, and states don’t dare to get any boyfriend, even a half and laughs.

Sarla, Beeji and Jhanki come to meet up with Pragya. Beeji is content more than Pragya’s pregnancy. Jhanki claims she reminiscence her childhood and tells that she took care of her and Purvi. Beeji states Jhanki knows all the things. Sarla suggests Jhanki will train you all. Beeji states your dadi will make clear to him about youngster’s upbringing. You gave Excellent news towards your mum initial. Pragya apologizes. Beeji asks her to tell to start with when newborn is born.

Aaliya calls Purab. Purab tells her that he’s busy and likely to fulfill Abhi. She thinks she dropped the prospect to satisfy Purab and thinks why Abhi named him now. Dadi tells we shall get Bulbul married before long. Abhi says get her married later, but send out her now. Bulbul will come and asks are they talking about her. She asks what Purab usually means to you personally. Abhi states He’s like my brother. Bulbul asks what you are able to do for him, and asks can you reward this dwelling to him. Abhi says he may give even his lifetime to him, home is a little detail. Bulbul suggests I comply with marry Purab, as I’ll stick with my sweet didi and sweet jiju following relationship. Pragya receives tensed.

Nikhil comes to meet Tanu at Abhi’s house. Tanu gets shocked seeing him.


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