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Kuldeepak 28th July 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Vidya says the devil is in his eyes. From tomorrow his eyes will only be dark.
Chiragh wakes up. Vidya hugs him and says how you feel? He says my head hurts. Vidya says drink water. He says wow my whole room is decorated. So many gift. He plays with all the new toys. Diwan says papa see mummy brought so many things.
Kamiya says I was right. She wants to take devil out to chiragh. i won’t let him do this. Vidya says we will do this diwan. He will lose his vision but at least devil inside him will die.
Kamiya say he is our vidya. We won’t let him do this.
Vidya says i am sorry son. I have to take these colors our of your life. Chiragh says thank you mummy papa. Vash comes in as fairy. Chiragh says but why you did all this? Vidya says we just wanted to. Vidya

says here is a spcial book. You can read from it even without reading. He says but this is for blind people. I can see. Diwan leaves. Chiragh says why left? Vidya says he has work. Vash says lets play together. He says no go I don’t like you.

Diwan is upset. He looks at their family photos. Diwan is crying. Vidya is upset as well. she blindfolds herself and tries to walk. She breaks the vase and steps on it. Shanya says what are you doing. Sheila says what are you doing. she says i want to feel the darkness my sojn will live with. Diwan stops and hugs her. She is crying.

Diwan bandages Vidya’s feet. He says we are so helpless. She says its our fate. But we have a hope. He says that hope will make our son blind. His life would be ruined. He says what if chiragh loses his visison but the devil doesn’t die then? What if it takes chriagh’s life? Vidya says don’t say that please. He says are you 100% sure?

Chiragh falls Vash holds his hand and picks him up. She says friends? He says friedns. Kamiya says no i won’t let this happen. He says your locket? She says i took it offf. He says nice. Lets play. They both play together.
Vidya sees them and smiles. Vidya says wow new friends. How did this happen? Vash says it thought he was rude but he isn’t that bad. He was scared of my locket so i took it off. Vidya is dazed. She say vash says i didn’t want to tell you but you know about him now. You shouldn’t take that locket off. It protects you. Kamiya doesn’t want chiragh to be good. She would try to harm you. Please wear that. Vash says God is in my heart. All the time. Why should i be scared? Vidya says you do so much for us.

Vash and Chiragh play together. Kamiya says that vidya stopped me. But she can’t stop other people. I want chiragh and a human will help me in that.

Precap-Kamiya asks some kidnappers to kidnap chiragh. They kidnap chiragh in the garden. Vash sees them. They kidnap vash as well.

Written Update by Atiba

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