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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th July 2017 Written Update

Dev on news channel announces about his new software and gives credit to his family. He takes each family member’s name except Vicky. Family watching news feel proud of him. GKB thinks why did not Dev take Vicky’s name, if he came to know about Vicky’s crime even when Sona did not tell him.

Vicky panics in his cabin that his plan failed, how can it be. Dev enters and says it is obvious for his plan to fail as he betrayed his brother. He scolds Vicky royally and drags him home. Vicky pleads to forgive him. Family asks what did he do. Dev says Vicky betrayed him and instead of being his secret keeper, he broke his secret to his rivals. Mamaji asks to be specific. Dev says Vicky broke his and Sona’s relationship 7 years, he got Sona’s family out and blamed me.

Mamaji slaps Vicky and hits him. Sona stops him. Dev continues and says Vicky cannot stay in this house. GKB pleads to let him stay and holds Ishwari’s feet. Ishwari stops her. Dev says Vicky tried to sell his software to his rival and was getting crores for it, whoever will support Vicky can go with him. GKB pleads Sona to explain Dev and then Ishwari saying everyone in this house made mistakes in this house. Ishwari says it is up to Dev to forgive Vicky or not.

Vicky walks to his room and packs bags. GKB enters and says she will not let him go, where will he stay, if he really did the mistakes Dev alleged him of. Vicky says he is not in a condition to reply and not make situation difficult for him. She leaves. Golu in his room asks Elena why big cha was scolding papa, ask papa to apologize big cha and stay back here. Vicky enters. Golu asks him to apologize big cha and stay back. Elena sends him out. She asks Vicky why did he do such a big mistake. Vicky says it is for her and Golu’s future. Elena says Dev would have done a lot for Golu, and Vicky is wrong, she loves him, but it is better for him to go out and see what wrong he did to his family.

Dev shouts at Sona if Vicky went out, if not he will kick him out. Sona stops him. Dev shouts whoever tries to come between them, he will destroy them. He warns her to inform her whenever someones tries to interfere. She gets afraid. He asks if she heard it and hugs him. She feels his overpossessiveness.

Precap: Golu sees speeding bike towards Soha and shouts. Dev scolds Sona that when Soha needed her, she was not present with her. Sona says she was stuck in traffic. Dev says it is better for everyone if she works from home.

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