Krishnadasi 28th September 2016 Written Update

Krishnadasi 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi written update

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Krishnadasi 28th September 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Shravani asks nurse to show list of dead prisoners, she says we are making list, wait. Shravani thinks that i cant wait to get news of Aradhya dying, she sees deadbodies coming. She sees one deadbody and sees saree, she recalls it as Aradhya’s saree and says i want to see her face, her face is covered with sheet, nurse says her face is burnt, you can take body from morgue, they leave. Shravani thinks that i dont need Aradhya’s body, she is dead, i want to go and celebrate with Kumudini, she would be dancing.
Nakku asks Kumudini to calm herself, Shravani is crying too, she has lost her baby too. Kumudini is sitting there stoned and not moving. Aryan comes there with Aradhya’s photo. Nakku says why did you bring her photo? Kumudini turns and sees Aradhya’s photo in Aryan’s hand. Aryan comes to wall and sees Tulsi’s photo with garland hanging there. He puts Aradhya’s photo beside it. Aryan is about to put garland on Aradhya’s picture. Kumudnini snatches it and says you wont put garland on her photo, she is alive, my aaru is alive, you put garland when they are dead but sheis not dead, Aryan says thats why i am putting it because Aradhya is dead, Kumudini says she is alive, my aaru is alive, you wont do it. Aryan says her photo will remain infront of your eyes and will remind you that you have killed my Aradhya, he asks her to leave, he puts garland on photo. Kumudini says he has gone mad, my Aaru is alive, she tries to take of garland, she goes hysteric, Kaka and Nakku takes her from there. Aryan looks at Tulsi’s photo and cries, he caresses it then caresses Aradhya’s picture, he lights diya beneath their photos.
Kumudini comes to her room and says Aaru cant die, Aryan has gone mad, she cant die, he is liar, she cant die, Kumudini opens her trunk and brings out box from it, she sees bangles in it, she recalls how Aradhya used to live like family with her, how she used to love Kumudini unconditionally, she sees Aradhya’s baby clothes in box and cries, she recalls how she used to cook for Aradhya, she weeps and says my Aaru cant die, Aryan is lying, she cant die, she shouts that Aradhya is alive, she looks at baby clothes, Kaka comes and says control yourself, Kumudini says he is lying, she is alive, how can she leave me? i did so bad to her but she kept calling me aaji, she cant leave me, she shouts that Aradhya is not dead, she used to call me Aaji, she cant leave me, my Aaru cant leave me, all are lying, Kaka says Aradhya has gone to Tulsi, cry as much as you want but she wont comeback, Kumudini says i am not crying, she wipes her tears and says she is not dead, she recalls how she saw deadbody wearing Aradhya’s saree in ambulance, she screams Aaru.. i beg you to comeback, i beg you to forgive me, she beats her head and forgive me, forgive me, please comeback, she falls on floor and cries saying her name, she says Aryan is lying, she is not dead, she shivers at thought of Aradhya no more, she lies floor and screams her name, Aryan was right, i tortured her a lot, but i wont do it now, comeback my laadoba, i wont torture you, comeback to your aaji. Shravani sees all this and says this oldie has gone mad, thank God Aradhya is dead otherwise this oldie would have changed her mind and accepted her, she can cry as much as she want then she will come on track. Banwari hides behind pillar and watches her. Shravani stretches and says i am tired, i should rest, she leaves. Banwari says Aaba’s whole family is dead and she is thinking about rest? whats the matter?

Scene 2
Markand says to Banwari that Shravani is all fine? he nods, Banwari says i think Shravani is behind all this, you know i saw Kumudini crying for Aradhya and this Shravani was happily resting when her family is dead, Markand says Kumudini might be doing drama, we should remain silent, if Shravani knows that we made that herbal medicine then she can do anything. Banwari and Markand sees Shastri and villagers outside Kumudini’s house and says that its dangerous to go them.
Villagers shout Kumudini to open door, you cant hide by closing doors, you villain woman come out, they start breaking her door. Shravani asks Nakku what they want? Nakku asks her to go back to her. Damini comes there and asks villagers what they are going? Tamre says Kumudini should get punished for killing whole family of Aaba, she is villain, she can kill us too, Damini says let me talk to her, i assure you justice. Shastri says i will go with, Damini knocks and asks Nakku to open door, she does. Shrvani asks what they want? what they are saying about my aaji? Damini asks where is Kumudini? Nakku says she is in her room, Shravani says she is mourning over Aradhya’s death.
Damini comes to Kumudini and says villagers are saying that you killed Rao family, Shastri says only she can do this, she is living devil. Shravani says dont say this, i went to my family, why would she poison food when her great grand baby died too, Shastri says she can do anything to take revenge, Damini says let us investigate first, Shastri says you do that but we are socially boycotting Kumudini from now, she will be removed from Panchayat too, Kumudini is just sitting there on floor not moving or saying anything. Damini says Kumudini you wanna say something or we assume that you agree with him? Kumudini says Aryan says Aradhya left me, how can she leave me? she asks Damini if you brought Aradhya? she looks at Aradhya’s photo and cries, she hugs it, Shravani glares her, Sashtri is confused and leaves, Damini leaves too seeing her state. Shravani thinks that this oldie is going mad, she can start investigation with police too then i will be caught. Kumudini cries seeing Aradhya’s photo, she then smiles thinking something.

Scene 3
Aaba is in hospital, he wakes up and says where is whole family? He gets up and stops doctor, he asks where is my family? they were poisoned, Doctor says maybe we shifted them, Krishnavati jail caught fire, more then 100people died so we dont have much space, he leaves. Aaba says Aradhya? i have to go and find out about her, he takes shawl and comes to reception, he asks nurse to show him list of patients, he doesnt find Aradhya’s name in list and says i have to go to jail and find out.
Shravani looks at Aradhya’s photo and says i like it with garland, i have no problem with this photo here. Aryan comes from behind and stares her. Aryan says you should go and rest in your room, Shravani turns and says you know Aryan aaji was so happy to know about baby coming and Nakku was telling me Aaji asked her to bring cot for baby but God took our happiness, nothing is there anymore in life, you married me for this baby only but when this baby is no more then why would give me position of your wife. Aryan says i lost my aayi not long back and now i lost Aradhya, i know the pain of losing someone, you lost your baby and your family and i lost my love, i will always be with you, and Aradhya wanted this too, Shravani smiles little, Aryan looks at Aradhya’s photo. Uday comes there and looks at Aradhya’s photo with garland on it, he is sad and says i got to know about Aradhya, Aryan says she kept bearing pain for life, and she got painful death, i couldnt do anything, Uday says how jail caught fire? i still someone burnt jail deliberately, Shravani thinks where did he come from to destroy my play? Shravani says Aryan i understand your pain but calm down yourself, she says to Uday that Aradhya is dead but our baby is no more and Aaba’s family is no more too, uday is shocked and says what are you saying? what happened to them? Aryan says someone poisoned their food, Uday says how is this possible? Aryan says no one is alive anymore, Uday panics and says one side Aradhya and otherside Aaba’s family.. someone.. he stops seeing Shravani there, he recalls how Bhamini told that Shravani was not pregnant and not a widow, uday thinks that all died then how she is alive, they wanted to make her dizzy and bring her truth out but how did tables turn? Aryan’s life can be in danger if i say something infront of her, Shravani thinks why he is staring me like he has doubt on me? i have to make him leave then i will handle him later, she says Aryan calm down, she asks uday to leave, with their pain, dont talk more, Uday says okay, Aryan you take rest, i will meet you later, he stares Shravani and leaves, Shravani says i will handle you later.

Scene 4
Aaba comes outside police station. Aradhya is brought out on stature, nurse says she was found near minister, seems like she saved his life, she is breathing, Aaba sees her and says save her. They take Aradhya to hospital. Uday comes there, Aaba says Aradhya is alive, Uday says atleast someone is alive in your family.. Aaba says what are you saying? Uday says nobody could withstand poison, your whole family is no more, Aaba is shocked and says no, he holds his collar, Uday says i am coming from hospital, i got to know this is true, no one is alive, Aaba says then why i am alive? Uday says you have to take care of Aradhya, you have be her strength, Aaba says you are right, i have to take care of her, Uday says why Aryan thinks that Aradhya is dead? i went to Aryan’s house, there was aradhya’s photo with garland on it, i feel this is Shravani’s plan too, we have to tell Aryan about Shravani’s truth, tell me what happened at house when Shravani, Aaba says this Shravani is dangerous and clever, he tells him how Shravani made them eat poisoned food with her hands, how she confessed that she is not pregnant and how she mixed poison and how she saw them dying. Uday says we have to tell Aryan how dangerous she is.
Aryan is lying on his bed, Shravani covers him with blanket. Uday calls Aryan, Shravani sees Uday calling Aryan, she thinks why he is calling Aryan? did he gets to know something? i have to take care of him, sorry Aryan. Uday says we have to go and tell Aryan. Shravani says i will have to prove that Aryan was on my side.

PRECAP- Aradhya comes out of car, she is dressed nicely, she stops at Krishnavati border. She touches sand and puts it on forehead, she says i take vow to snatch everything from people who finished everything for me, who killed my family, Aaba watches her from car.

Written Update by Atiba

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