Kasam 25th November 2016 Written Update

Kasam 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kasam 25th November 2016 Written Update

Tanuja and Rishi thanks Perces after reaching the hotel. Perces asks Tanuja why she didn’t share her love to Rishi, as her love is visible through her eyes. Rishi comes to take Tanuja, Perces blesses them both and leave. Rishi was excited upon reaching the resort and compliments the place. Tanuja thinks about Perces’s words, and looks away from Rishi. A waiter comes to push Rishi, he comes closer to Tanuja holding her in his arms. Malaika comes there, watching them curtly. Tanuja was shocked to see her. Malaika comes to hug Rishi, she has been trying her number that he didn’t answer; she was really afraid. Rishi gets away from her, and wonders how she is here? Malaika drags him inside, Rishi asks Tanuja to come inside.
In the hall, Malaika tells Rishi that their investors are also coming here, she thought instead of getting bored with Tanuja he must do the meeting. Rishi looks towards Tanuja, then goes to check-in. Malaika comes to Tanuja, and asks what Tanuja would do now. Rishi comes with the keys and move towards the room. He exclaims the room is beautiful, and tells Tanuja to get his clothes from the bag. The waiter brings the bag, Tanuja was busy with taking Rishi’s clothes. Malaika tells her not to pose being his wife, as Raaj isn’t here. She can stay in the room but not as Rishi’s wife, and choses another shirt for Rishi. Rishi asks for his clothes. Malaika tells Rishi they are going out, and his clothes are there on the count. She takes Tanuja outside and says she can see how she is attracted to Rishi, she once told her anyone can love Rishi but Tanuja isn’t that girl. She is in Rishi’s life till Raaj gets well, and he is really getting better now. She tells Tanuja she doesn’t deserve Rishi, as she has no taste and class. She tells Tanuja to stay away from Rishi, he has promises to marry Malaika soon. Tanuja looks towards her in shock. Rishi comes out, Tanuja notices he was wearing the pink shirt Tanuja had chosen; then asks Tanuja why she is smiling. Tanuja leaves.
Later, Tanuja was speaking to Raaj and asks about his medicines. Raaj reminds she is on her honeymoon, and inquires about weather and Rishi’s mood. Tanuja says she is really feeling nice, and thanks him. she says she never went on a vacation before. Raaj says she had to come to vacation with Rishi only, it should be a memorable one and warns there are many people who doesn’t want to see her happy, but his blessings are there with her. He always prays for her, and insists only wife has a right over husband. She doesn’t need to give anyone any clarification. She shouldn’t lose her right for anyone. Tanuja was determined to win for her love now.
In the hotel, Rano was shocked to hear Rishi and Tanuja’s intimacy. Malaika assures she will now solve everything. Rano tells her to keep an eye over Tanuja, she must do anything to get Rishi. Malaika takes a leave. Rano turns to see Raaj standing behind her, he questions Rano about her lie that Malaika went for business meeting. Malaika has gone to ruin Rishi and Tanuja’s honeymoon, Malaika isn’t a nice girl and they were lucky that Tanuja agreed to marry Rishi. Rano was irritated by the name of Tanuja, and clarifies she hates Tanuja just as he hates Malaika. She only let Tanuja live here because of him. Raaj insists Tanuja will never leave this house, he won’t let anyone come between Rishi and Tanuja. Rano insists Tanuja came between Rishi and Malaika, now Malaika is struggling to get her love back. Raaj minds this will never happen. Rano counters Rishi only belongs to Malaika.
In the restaurant, Rishi and Tanuja were sitting together. Tanuja allows him to order anything. Malaika comes there and asks the waiter to cancel the order and excitedly tells Rishi that the owner of this hotel wants to be their partner. Tanuja notices a man smirking at her and was uncomfortable. Rishi was excited about new business opportunities. The owner, Mr Viren comes making an announcement about five years of their resort. He announces a couple dance to celebrate the night of the couples. He announces a free food as well. Malaika takes Rishi to introduce him to Mr. Viren, Tanuja stops him as she is uncomfortable. Rishi says his business meeting is important, she isn’t a child. Tanuja asks to come along him. Rishi leaves anyway. The waiter serves Tanuja with juice. She gets conscious of constant staring of the man sitting behind. Malaika introduces Rishi with Mr. Viren. Tanuja watches her standing hand in hand with Rishi. The man finally comes towards Tanuja and offers her to dance. Tanuja denies, and leave the table. Rishi returns to the table and ask why she came to another table. They get seated there. Malaika takes the seat beside Tanuja, Tanuja watches them speak to each other. Tanuja angrily stares at Malaika. The waiter comes to inform Rishi that Mr. Viren has played a song for them, and wants him to dance with his wife. Malaika drags Rishi to dance floor. Tanuja was fuming.

PRECAP: Rishi and Tanuja were caught in robbers. They asked Tanuja for mangal sooter, but she wasn’t ready to give it away. The goon pulls the trigger of his gun.

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