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Kasam 20th May 2016 Written Update

Rano asks Bee ji about Rishi, Bee ji says Rishi went to bring Mangal Sooter for Tanvi. Rano catches her words, Bee ji denies she said Rishi went to bring Mangal Sooter for Tannu. Rano wonders if Bee ji knows about this all, is she the one teaching Rishi about all this. She was sure to stop Bee ji.
Pavan comes to open the car door for Saloni. Rishi comes out of the car and asks Tannu if she felt something strange about them both, Pavan gives her privilege to Saloni forgetting her. Tannu says they are just friends and are really close. Pavan calls Tannu, Rishi wonders if there is really something between Rishi and Saloni or only he suspects.
Bee ji tells Bani that today she got her lottery, Tannu will get the heaviest Mangal sooter from Rishi now. Bani was curt at Bee ji and was excited to go to USA.
In the shop, Saloni asks Pavan if the mangal sooter suits Tannu. Pavan says it’s decent, Saloni explains this mean he didn’t like this. Rishi and Neha select mangal sooter. Neha demands for a long and heavy one, so that people can appreciates hers. Pavan leaves Tannu and Saloni to select. Saloni asks Tannu to order what she likes. Tannu remembers her mother’s, she tells Saloni about her mothers. Saloni holds Tannu’s hand, and orders a gold chain with black beads and a small pendant. Tannu thinks Saloni is just like a sister in law, she held her hand when she missed her mother. Saloni comes out to Pavan and calls Tannu as an emotional fool, they wanted a girl just like this. She is even unaware what they are about to do with her. Rishi wonders where Saloni has gone, then spots her out with Pavan and goes outside. He thinks he never saw her so happy with Pavan before. Saloni asks Pavan’s promise not to change their relation even after his marriage. Rishi comes there, Saloni stops then goes to Rishi. She holds his hand, and advices him to take care of the girl he marries. Pavan takes Rishi’s thoughts. Rishi wonders if she was really advising or just went dodging him. Pavan also takes a leave from Rishi.
Neha selects the heaviest, Saloni calls it as old fashioned and demands for some modern designs in the lounge. Tannu was trying hers, Rishi comes inside and tries to help Tannu.
Bee ji was reading a story about a witch coming there. Rano comes there, and asks if she is a witch. Bee ji points behind Rano that the witch is there, Rano was afraid and shouts looking behind. Bee ji laughs. Neha leaves Saloni inside to see the designs outside.
Tannu stops Rishi from putting on mangal sooter in her neck, he explain he was just helping her. Tannu calls it a promise, a kasam and if someone puts on mangal sooter in other’s neck, people get married. Rishi thinks he had married her by mistake, but now he will deliberately marry her. He gets Manpreet’s call, Rishi tells Manpreet in India marrying is as easy to put on Mangal sooter in someone’s neck. He tells Manpreet to go and ask Bee ji prepare for Ghar pravesh, he will bring her daughter in law home today. Neha comes to ask Rishi whom this mangal sooter in his hand for? Rishi says it’s for his bride to be. Neha calls herself fool. Rishi asks her not to overthink, and go and shop heavy jewelry.
Bee ji was still reading horror novel, Manpreet comes from behind to frighten her. He tells her Rishi is going to marry Tannu today, as she said the one who puts mangal sooter in other’s neck gets married. Rishi will surely find a way. Tannu turns around to see Rishi heading with a mangal sooter in hand. Tannu thinks she won’t let him do what he is thinking about.

PRECAP: Tannu catches Rishi with Maar Pooray in the kitchen and asks if he is eating here. He said he has kept a fast for her?

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