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Kalash 16th October 2015 Written Update

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Scene 1
Devika and Ravi sit at other table, Devika says to Ravi that you had already booked tables here but was making me roam around whole city to check restaurants, Ravi says there is a thing called surprised, i knew you would like this place so i did all the setting here, i made arrangements, but whatever i do, you always feel i am wrong, you keep on nagging, Devika thinks he is right, i shouldnt have got angry on him. Ravi shows a couple to Devika and says they will break up here. Sakshi and Monty are sitting at other table, Palavi joins them, Monty feels bad and leaves from there. the couple which Ravi should to Devika has break up, they leave, Ravi glances at Devika and holds her hand, both share eyelock, Yeh Moh Moh ke dhaage plays, Monty looks at Pallavi from far and feels sad.
Ravi and Devika are going back in rickshaw, Ravi is lovingly looking at her, she ask how did you know that i would like that cafe? Ravi says i am bearing you for so many days so i know your likes and dislikes, Devika says when you had booked and prepared everything then why did you make see all the restaurants, i got tired, Ravi says it was my for selfish motive, Devika says you must wanting to tease me, Devika says i will beat you, Ravi teases her that what will you do? will you kiss me? or hug me? Devika says you.. she fall on Ravi, both feels shy, DEvika composes herself.
Monty is going back home, Saket comes to him and takes him from there.
Savitri thinks in her room that who must have mixed chemical in Devika’s mehndi? who would want to bring bad omen in Devika’s Mehndi? she thinks if Navi did it? she says no Navi wont take such a big risk, she thinks that maybe Saket did it, i should ask him, she is about to call him but dada comes to him and says you are so stubborn, you dont understand anything, you are so much against this marriage that you tried to mix something in Devika and Sakshi’s mehndi, they are your grand daughters, you didnt even think that their hands will get burnt, how can you be so harsh? Savitri says i didnt want to hurt anyone, i just want to free Devika from Ravi and dont want Sakshi’s marriage to happen, Ravi doesnt love Devika, he is just faking everything to get Devika’s property, dada says you have more greed for property, Savitri says i know Manju and Ravi’s intention, that property is of my son Atal’s and we have right on that property, i am silent but the day Ravi or his family try to snatch the property, i wont leave them.
Saket brings Monty in restaurants, he says i thought why you did the engagement, maybe you love Ravi more than Pallavi, i tried to make you understand but you are not listening, i wont do anything now, destroy yourself, i wont help you, Saket ask if you are trying to double game? like to get Sakshi and Pallavi both, you must be thinking that Sakshi will become your wife and Pallavi will be your saali means half life partner, Monty gets angry, Saket says people will say this, you love Pallavi and marrying Sakshi, this means that you want to get both, Pallavi will keep coming to your home after you get married to Sakshi then you will take chance on her too, you are lure to get both the girls, am i right? Monty gets angry and says your mentality is very small, my love for Pallavi is true, he leaves, Saket says my arrow has hit right target.

Scene 2

DEvika is available in home after using bath, she sings Lag jaa gaale, Ravi comes in area and finds her singing, she’s combing her hairs and begins making use of nail shade, she keep singing although Ravi is checking out her lovingly, he comes to her, she question what? he suggests you should stand up early in morning, tomorrow is Sangeet, Devika says i stand up prior to deciding to day by day, Devika states i forgot to use sindoor, i have used nail colour, it will get smeared if i implement sindoor now, Ravi talk to must i apply it? Devika says you? Ravi claims you dont settle for this sindoor but i sense this sindoor is of my title so I am able to utilize it on your own maang, Would you like another person to fill your maang? Devika is silent, he talk to can i use it? she nods, Ravi singsw Lag jaa gaale, she claims this music? I used to be singing it, Ravi says so cant i sing? she suggests Sure you’ll be able to sing also, Ravi fills Devika’s maang(forehead) with vermilion(sindoor), both check out one another.
Navi thinks to drop by Sangeet ceremony for being with Ravi, Sia will come and claims lets go on shopping tomorrow, navi claims no, i should check out cooperate occasion tomorrow, you wont get pleasure from there, you Select procuring by yourself, sia says Alright, Sia receives get in touch with from Pallavi, Pallavi invitations her for sangeet ceremony of Sakshi, Sia claims i will Enable you are aware of, she finishes connect with and check with Navi that will she drop by relationship operate of her friend’s sister? Navi says you go with a few guard, Sia suggests she is excellent friend of mine, no have to have for guard there, Navi states ok you’ll be able to go, Sia leaves, Navi thinks that Sia stated she will almost certainly marriage operate? was she referring to Sakshi’s.. she suggests no, how can she know her, she need to be talking about some other person.
Manju is purchasing, she suggests to shopkeeper that i’m obtaining suite for sangeet, Savitri will come there and states why will you be purchasing at last minute? did rats ate your dresses? Manju suggests there cant be rats in the house as you might be cat, then why did you come? Savitri says I need new dress much too, equally begin checking dresses, they like 1 dress, Manju states i have taken it first, Savitri claims i preferred it initial, Manju suggests to shopkeeper that she pays much more for that gown, Savitri suggests i will pay in excess of her, shopkeeper states to start with you each come to a decision, Savitri and Manju continue to keep elevating the value for getting it, Manju thinks Allow her elevate the worth and purchase it, Savitri buys the gown by providing 1000rs added, she leaves Manju smirks.

PRECAP- Ravi and navi are standing beside each other in Ravi’s area and examining information, Navi loses balance and falls but Ravi holds her in arms, Devika arrives there and sees Navi in Ravi’s arms. later on Navi states to DEvika that dont notify me you and Devika sleep separately?

Written Update By Sahir


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