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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 3rd December 2015 Written Update

Nandhini and Manik were in the car. Manik asks if she sure she want to do this. Nandini says this is her wish, to spend a night with a prostitute. Manik says she is crazy. Nandhini says they must do it once. They spot a prostitute, a man comes to her and asks her for some money. She says she gave him money yesterday. The man tries to force her, Manik goes and asks how dare he touch this girl without her consent. The man heads to leave. The girl says to Manik why is he being such a hero, if he needs her time he must bring money. Manik hands him a bunch full of money, he says that now her time is his. The man leaves. The girl asks Manik who this is, Manik says she is his girlfriend. The prostitute asks Nandhini if she is really ok with him being here. Nandhini says she asked him to come here. The girl asks where they need to go. Nandhini and Manik smile, Manik asks what her name is. The girl says she is Madhuri, Manik jokes if she is Madhuri Dixit. He smiles that for a long time, Nandhini has been running in his stomach. Nandhini punches him in his stomach. Manik says he is really hungry and needs to eat something. The girl says he is really intelligent and asks them to follow her. Manik says to nandhini that this sounds really interesting. They head inside.
Dhruv comes in the apartment, he cries thinking about Aaliya with him then with Varun. He cries viciously, he says that he hopes she understands he did this for the betterment of both of them. He says I miss you and cry again.
The girl gets Manik and Nandhini to a place, they stop by a stall. Manik says they are just hungry, they can eat somewhere else as well. Nandhini says she wants to eat Pao bhaaji. She asks Madhuri what she wants to eat. Madhuri says no one ever asked her what to eat before work. Manik teases Nandhini that they can get Lasagne on the stall as well. They take seats. Manik gets a call. Madhuri says to Nandhini that the guy is really handsome. Nandhini says that his girlfriend is really beautiful. Its like girlfriend is moon and boyfriend is tube light. Madhuri takes her chair and goes to sit with Manik, she says this is the first time she got such a handsome man, and else every filthy man comes to her. Manik whispers at her to tell this all later, Madhuri asks Manik to come with her till Nandhini will enjoy the Pao Bhaji. Nandhini also allows Manik saying he can do anything, she won’t mind. Manik tries to avoid and goes to get Pao Bhaji. Madhuri whispers to Nandhini that she must never leave him, he has love for her in his eyes. Manik comes and asks Nandhini to let go, nandhini says she has to spend some more time with Madhuri. Madhuri tells Manik not to worry, God has made him for Nandhini only and he is safe with her. Manik says ok, and takes his seat. He tells Madhuri to have Pao Bhaaji. They enjoy it together.
Manik says to Madhuri that they had seen her in problem when that man came to him. He says she can ask him for help, they can help her return home if she is unhappy. He gives her a bunch of money, Nandhini insists on her to take it. Madhuri wipes her tears, she stands up says thanks to them and leaves. Manik holds Nandhini’s hand and asks if plan went well. Manik says that what matters is that there was smile on her face. Manik says thanks to her, she says she wants to thanks him for being so special. Manik says in that case he also wants to thank her, for making every moment so special for her. Manik gets Mukit’s call, Mukti tells Manik that Aaliya is crying hard, she is also going there and calls him too. Manik tells Nandhini that something is wrong with Aaliya.
Nandhini and Mukti sit with Aaliya who was crying. Manik says he had talked to him about it, he thought it was sorted out. Aaliya says he said he is leaving forever and he left. Nandhini asks this is weird, where he went all at once. Aaliya says he isn’t picking her call as well, she cries hugging Mukti. Manik tells Aaliya to relax, Dhruv is a sensible guy. He will never do so. He tells Aaliya to relax, he will call him. He tries Dhruv’s number but he doesn’t pick up the call. He is in rage and says he isn’t attending his call too. All at once, their phones show messages that makes everyone worried. They are all upset to read it. Manik reads the message that ‘in life there are situations when one feels as if I am not me anymore. And then you feel you are lost, because you can no longer remember who you are, and at this time this is exactly what feels is. I am going away from all of you, will not return until I find myself.’
Mukti says what is wrong with this guy, why he always behave like a loser, he runs away whenever there is a problem. Manik says he will call him, it will be alright. He tries the number but it was powered off. Manik says he switched off his phone, he remembers suggesting Dhruv to go out somewhere, think about himself. Manik regrets, he curses himself saying Dhruv was stressed and a few days ago he told him to take a break, go out to release his stress. He had said this to him. Mukti says that there are problem in all of their lives, this doesn’t mean they run away leaving everything behind. Atleast he must have think about them, Manik says he hopes he is somewhere nearby. Nandhini suggests about checking the social media, maybe he might have checked in somewhere. They all check it, all his accounts had been deactivated. They all leave messages for him, Mukti writes Jerk come back or will kill you. Aaliya writes, please get over the misunderstanding. Nandhini writes where are you. Manik writes, Buddy don’t do this, let us help you. Manik says looks like he just want to cut off from everyone.

PRECAP: Dhruv’s mother tell them she doesn’t know what happened to him, he just asked her to give Manik the envelop. Aryaman calls Manik and says his dad has some contacts, they can trace Dhruv’s mobile. He comes home, Nandhini opens the door and asks if he found something about Dhruv. Manik watch over them.

Written Update By Sona


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