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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th September 2015 Written Update

Mukti and everybody else are sitting and Aaliya states that climate Cabir will probably bite. Mukti says that why is she asking this he is a little one instead of from A few other World. Naviya will come and Mukti gets offended and claims that they agreed when Naviya moved in that she wouldn’t do this stuff any longer. Naviya will get offended and states that she’s Weary of accomplishing all those things. She is not used to sleeping inside the air conditioner but nonetheless attempted but she will not doit anymore as she says this Everybody else laughs.
Aaliya gets a massage and is particularly stunned to see Dhruv dance so nicely. Everybody else also appear and congrulate him but he states that he hopes to be considered by his music not some idiotic dance.
Aaliya states that Mukti and herself have moved on and he should also move ahead. Dhruv states that he was carrying out it for fab5 but now they got banned and he did not inform them this for the reason that Nandhani often reported that every thing will be alright but he realized that very little will come about.
Aryaman says that he is going to phone Nandhani but Dhruv says that he should stop because he will likely not comprehend and so just halt. Aryaman leaves accompanied by Anyone and after they depart Mukti and Naviya feel puzzled.
Nandhani is crying and suddenly aryaman arrives and asks her about what has took place and she says that Mady said that Manik won’t ever return. Aryaman calms her down and says that The explanation why they do not discuss Cabir and Manik is as it hurts and they do not choose to think that. Nandhani sys that she is content which they look after her and The main reason since she really wants to be the Cr is to see what transpired that evening with Cabir and Manik given that they are aware that the two of these were not drunk and not reckless drivers What exactly transpired and who was liable.
Mukti is standing in front of the elevator and also the secretary from the Culture will come and says that she gown appropriately also to be in her limitations simply because this sends a wrong invitation on the boys but Mukti will get offended and receives inside the elevator.
Naviya has a sprain within the neck as a consequence of her son Cabir and techniques her setting up to the exhibit. Mukti arises from the shower using a towel round her entire body. Navia asks her not to arrive in front of her son similar to this. Mukti says that he cannot even inform the diference in between a boy and Girl so just chill. She sees a boy staring and attempts to taunt him but as Naviya sees her she closes the curtains.
Nandhani is strolling during the corridor and Madhiam will come and taunts her but she leaves. As she leaves Aryaman pushes him versus the wall and is stuffed with anger but Madhiam calms him down and states that he has thoughts for Nandhani and not simply this also tells him to not touch him once again.
Harshad is chatting with his team and after that Madhiam will come and asks him to back down for the reason that he will almost certainly earn and is also in this article to remain and says some factors and then two boys of Harshad’s group depart him and go along with Madhiam.
Mukti comes in the home and sees 3 boys waiting anxiously for her and tries to make them see what they need but then the secretary of your Modern society comes and states that she wil complain about her. Naviya receives scared but Mukti claims that they can perform anything in their own individual home.
Madhiam is thrashing the drums and Nandhni arrives they usually each get into a heated argument during which Madhiam states that Nandhani has damaged dreams with regard to the guitar strings and now of getting the cr.

Precap: The candidates list arrives and Madhiam’s name will not be around the list and Aryaman taunts him at which he states that if he found them linked to this they’re going to pay for.

Written Update By Sahir


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