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Kahani Hamari 27th May 2016 Written Update

Gauri wakes up in the morning, sober of night’s inebriation, and sees herself on bench next to Ahan. She asks what is she doing here and what is he doing with her. He asks if she really does not remember yesterday’s events. Gauri says no.

Shivin comes back home and sees Kia there. She brings Gauri’s frock from bathroom and asks with whom he was with. He realizes it is Gauri’s but lies that it is maid’s. She shouts how can maid leave her clothes here and burns it, says she will not tolerate any other woman around him and will kill if anybody comes between them. She shows engagement announcement news by Inder Raichand and Shefali Kapoor and says now they are inseparable and hugs him. Shivin stands in a shock. She calls her mom and mom asks Shivin to come back soon for offical celebration of engagement.

Shivin’s mother stands on terrace. Maid comes and asks her to have something as she did not have food since 2 days. Inder’s first wife comes and starts yelling at her for going out in burqa yesterday night and being with maid. Mother says please stop. Wife says she should be apologetic for her mistake and continues yelling, says she is keep of Inder and should remember that always, she will die in a golden cage and will never come out of it. Maid silently hears their conversation. Mother warns her again not to discuss outside whatever happens in this house.

Shefali meets Ahan’s father who says she trapped Inder so easily which was not easy and says now he will take revenge from Inder.

Shivin gets Gauri’s letter in which she writes that he is his angel, thanks for helping her, etc. and smiles. He sits smiling and reminiscing her. A romantic song…plays in the background. Gauri and Ahan are seen walking on road.

Precap: Inder calls Shivin and says he must have got his engagement announcement news, even his mom is very happy, he knowsKioa since childhood and is of their status, he will get his ticket at airport and says see you soon.

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