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Kaala Teeka 9th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kali says let us go pleas.e A man comes forward and throws away their fire sticks and rods. Kali says thank you and drives to the hospital. Doctors check Yug.
Kali sees news that city atmosphere is better now. Leela comes to hospital with Gauri. Leela says are you okay? Doctor says reaction was so serious Thank God Kali brought him here on time. It could have been lethal. Wife’s love is husband’s greatest protection. We will keep him under observation for an hour then you can take him home.
Gauri snatches Yug’s meds from Kali and says you have done your kala teeka duty. I will take care of my husband now. Manjiri comes and says that was not her kala teeka duty. It was one of her promises. To protect her husband. Stay blessed Kali. Leela says very well. I did so good that I brought you here as Kala teeka. Kali says I am being his wife. Leela says you are not his wife and wont ever be. Kali says I will keep loving him as wife whether you give me this right or not. Leela says listen one thing bahu.. I mean Kali. I won’t bear this. Gauri says I told you. She keeps saying she is Yug’s wife. Leela says you better not talk. If you were a good wife, she won’t have to do all this. You can’t even give him right medicine. Leela leaves. Gauri says she has started scolding too much.

Sharmila says on call yes in the evening at 5. I will talk to you later. She turns back Manjiri is there. Manjiri says is everything okay? Sharmila says yes why? Manjiri says you were talking so slow on phone. sharmila says I was talking to mummy? Can’t I even do that here now? Why do you people create issues on everything. Neel was sleep so I was talking slowly.
Pandit ji calls Leela and says you made me lie. I can’t sleep at night. Leela says I gave you your money. He says I really like you kalash. Leela says that is our family kalash. He says that is why I want it. It is antique piece. Place it in the temple tomorrow or whole Mithla will know how dadi changed his grandson’s daughter.
Kali says in temple help me fulfilling my third promise that is saving family honor.
Kali does the pooja and wakes Yug up. She gives him arti. Kali says drink this coconut water. It will hydrate you. He drinks it from her hands. Yug looks at her. Yug says thank you. Kali says this is my responsibility. He says I don’t know if that is. But what you did for me yesterday very few people in world can do that, Kali says can I ask you something? Did you feel for a moment that I wasn’t with you? The hand you held wasn’t mine but someone else’? I am bringing tea.

leela is going somewhere. Gauri sees her from balcony. Leela drops the kalash. Kali sees it. Gauri says now I will show you dadi what you pay for insulting Gauri. Kali says I think dadi is in trouble I should help her.
Shamrila is out too.
Sharmila meets a man. He says I don’t know why my parents didn’t agree. But I love you. Sharmila says I know that vishwa must have done this. She gets a call.Its neel he asks where are you? She says I am at Ram bagh. He says I am nearby. I will pick you up. Shamrila says okay. Sharmila sees neel coming. she is scared. She hides behind the car. Sharmila says to the guy I will call you in evening.
Gauri says to chulbuli where is kalash? Chulbuli says it mustbe in the temple. Gauri says its not there. Chulbul says let me check. Leela comes in and asks where is kalash? Its not in the temple. I think its stolen.
Gauri says dadi I saw you going somewhere. You had something hidden in your sari. Was that kalash? You took it out for pooja or something?
Raghu says that kalash can’t go out of house.

Shamrila says to Manjiri why you interfere in others’ lives? Manjiri says you told me you are going to bring pooja stuff and you didn’t bring it thats why I was asking? Sharmila says I couldn’t then what should I do? Neel says what happened? Sharmila says I went out to buy but couldn’t like it. So I didn’t buy it. Neel says ignore her. Lets go. Manjiri says what is wrong with sharmila why is she behaving this way? This is ruin our family.

Chulbul says what have you done maa ji? You took the kalash out yourself? Raghu says what happened that you took it out. Gauri says you could tell me, I am this house’ daughter in law. Kali comes in and says kalash pooja is done dadi. I am coming. Kali brings in pandit ji with Kalash. Kali says why are you all looking at me like that? Raghu says this kalash? Kali says dadi wanted to purify this kalash by pooja in temple. Pandit ji came here to return it. Chulbul says why didn’t you tell us maa? Kali says this is a secret pooja. once it is done then rest of the family members are told.
Pandit ji leaves.

Precap-Yug says to pandit ji you are the same pandit who told us that Kali was married in temple to Aryan. Pandit says no I didn’t say anything like that. Who Aryan? I don’t know any aryan. Yug says but I didn’t take Aryan’s name. There is something that has been concealed from me.

Written Update by Atiba

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