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Kaala Teeka 24th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Gauri says to driver this jungle is really wild. Driver says there are so many lions here. They attacked a car yetserday. Gauri says take us to resort don’t scare us.
They arrive at the resort. Gauri says yug this place is so romantic perfect for us. We won’t need kali after pooja. We should stay more. Yug leaves in anger. Kali says you are right there is no room for a third person between husband and wife. Prohit asks Gauri to calm down.
The preparations for wedding are on going. Prohit says yug take care of this stuff. Kali’s whose wedding is happening here?
Kali is about to collide with a wire, Gauri sees it and smiles. Yug stops her and holds the wire. It give him shock.Kali says are you okay yug? His hand is burnt. Kali says please call the doctor. yug says I am fine. Gauri says he is my husband I will take care of him. She takes the first aid box and applies med. Kali says do you feel better?

Manjiri says to vishwa all the preparations are done for pooja. He says very well. Lets go. Sharmila is hidden behind the sofa. Manjiri leaves. Sharmila takes Vishwa’s ring and says I will never let peace pervail in this house.
Kali comes to her room.
Kali takes out ram’s photo and smiles. Yug takes shower and comes out.
Gauri gets a call from mad and says I get it I will talk to you at night. Kali sees yug shirtless. She says you in this room? Bell boy dropped me here.. Yug says he placed my luggage in here. Yug slips on her and they fall on bed.
Gauri asks bellboy where is yug? He says I placed his stuff in his room and his wife’s. They are such are such a good couple. Gauri says you mad.
Kali tries to stand up, yug falls again on her. Kali smiles. Gauri comes in.. She is shocked. Yug takes his shirt and wears it. Gauri says I am his wife not she. Kick her luggage out and put my luggage here. Bellboy takes kali’s stuff out. Kali says I know your pain. You have to shout and tell everyone that Yug is your husband. Kali leaves.

Neel asks Manjiri and Vishwa have you seen Sharmila? Vishwa says no. She was here at breakfast time. Servant comes and says I have been hearing voice in store room. Vishwa says what voice I have been there since morning.
The voices are coming from a trunk.

Pari and rest of the family arrive at the wedding. Roop says pari I am sorry you are attending wedding of your ex husband. pari says don’t worry this was written in fate. I hate to come. Roop says to sattu finally we are getting married I am so happy.
Roop says I bought this hate for myself. Sattu says I am going inside.
Kali collides with Pari.. They both smile. Kali says pari you.. Pari says what are you doing here? Kali says I am here to win my love. Pari says why are you saying that? Kali tells her everything that happened. pari says what have you thought? Kali says there is a way. I can find some clue.Pari says you will be successful. My God wishes are always with you.
Kali says what are you doing here? Pari says there is a wedding. Kali says why you look upset? Roop comes. Pari says I will tell you later.

Yug comes in room. Gauri says you feeling embarrassed? I saw you and kali. trust me I have let it go. Its our newly married life. These things do not matter. Sit here. She holds his hand and says why you did this. Why don’t you care for yourself.
Gauri gets a text do as I say or I will tell your husband everything.
Gauri gets worried. She says I am coming.
yug says in heart Kali was right gauri would be scared when she sees the text. Kali said if she has not done anything she would show you the text. but she would get worried.

Neel opens the trunk Sharmila is in there. VIshwa says how did this happen? What is she doing here? vishwa says I am going to bring doctor. Manjiri says I am brining water. Neel says how did this happen? She says I came here to clean someone hit my head and locked me here. He says but chacah ji was here didn’t he see? Sharmila says I was alone. She says that ring.. Neel says its chacha ji’s.
Manjiri is overhearing.

Maasaab says I was calling you. She sees prohit and says I have heard about you. Thank you for coming here. Prohit says I am glad here. Maasaab says you must be familiar with this place? Prohit says I came here first time. SHe says oh I felt like.. Anyway you can ask anything for pooja. Prohit says there are three guests with me. They are living with me. I can shift them if you want but its better that they stay here.. Maasaab says you guests is ours. You can bring them to wedding as well. Prohit says yeah sure. Prohit leaves.

Shivpal says prohit what are you doing here? Prohit says you? He says Shivpal.. Prohit says oh. Shivpal says my whole family is here. Prohit says don’t worry no one would know. Maa saab and sattu have heard all this.

Next part in Meri Saasu Maa’s update.

Written Update by Atiba

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