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Kaala Teeka 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Gauri reaches there. Yug and aman are on their way. Gauri says why are you making me wait so long. Receptionist says I can’t find it. Gauri says I will complain against you. She gives her the invite.
The receptionist calls Yug and tells her that Gauri has left. He says to aman give her the anti aging cream and ask her if she has any info about Gauri.
Kali asks GAuri to drop her near market so she can buy vegetables. A policeman stops yug. Yug says let me go I am taking my dadi’s medicine home. Cop says this is an old excuse. Yug sees gauri’s name written on the car, he runs after the car and collides with Kali. Kali slips, he holds her, all her vegetables are on road. Yug asks are you okay? she says you were in a hurry. Yug says are you okay? He says I am asking you. Kali ignore. He holds her hand and makes her stand and says can you hear me now? He says are you okay? Kali says yes. They are lost in each others eyes. Yug says you again came between me and gauri today. If this keeps happening I will end up marrying you. Kali is dazed. He says my car is here, I will drop you. Kali says I will go. He says I have no wife in my fate, come. He holds Kali’s arm and walk towards the car. He gives the money to the cop, he returns his car. Kali says I will go myself. Yug says sit in the car otherwise people would think I have kidnapped you. Kali sits in the car.

On the way, yug asks how you got this bruise? He says why are you worried? Yug says I got burnt while trying to save Gauri. There was a fire in temple. I wish I collide with her like I collide with you every day. Kali says I hope you find her soon. He drops her.
Aman calls him and says I have found Gauri’s number. Aman says message me her number. Kali is about to step out of the car, yug suddenly says I love you. Kali is shocked.
He says you are my lucky charm.
Yug calls Gauri, kali leaves his car. She says I hope gauri doesn’t say anything stupid. yug says where has she gone? I couldn’t even say bye. He comes out and sees she is not there. He calls gauri again.

Manjiri says to yug when trouble comes don’t give up. Fate is throwing lines at you. There must be a reason behind these worries. Dont be sad. Dadi comes and says go wash your face. A proposal is coming, thats such a good family. we will only say yes if you like her.

Vishwa says today Leela will know she can’t find a better girl for her son in law than my princess.
Gauri is dancing on a song. Kalyani says you should have danced in Dubai you are a born star. Anyway you will become star. Kali sees Yug’s call on gauri’s phone. She takes it upstairs. Gauri is dancing. Kali says gauri listen to me. Gauri says not yet. Kali turns off the music. Kali says listen to me a really good guy.. Gauri picks the call and says who the hell are you? She says I have no interest in talking to you. I have other things to do. Gauri says I want to be star. Kali says try to understand. Gauri says why is he annoying me. Kali says try to understand. Gauri leaves.

Mad says please do something and set this wedding. I have finalized all the dresses for the wedding. Kalyani says we will do as you want but you have a meeting with Minister atm. Prohit says yes lets go. Kalyani says I will get gauri ready and tell her about evening. Vishwa says I dont have to worry when you are here.
Mad says I have to go to parlor so people call me her sister. Kalyani says Gauri will go but no temple.

Precap-Kali says I will not let you go to Patna alone like this. They are both in bus. Gauri says bring water, Kali goes out. The busb starts. Kali runs after the bus. Yug comes there.

Written Update By Atiba


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