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Kaala Teeka 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Kalyani says to vishwa why are you after him? Isn’t there another good guy in Mithla?
Why are you running after that rude woman. Vishwa says I have seen his kundli I know. Kalyani says I think he has thought something. Vishwa says tomorrow leela wati will do astha. She will do pooja there. We will end it our way.
Gauri says I will upload my videos online, i will become new singing star. Where is kali? Kali comes in. Gauri says look at you, where are you coming from? Kalyani comes and says her face is black. what happened? Kali says there was fire in temple, so I got burnt. Kalyani says it must be after Gauri but it burnt you. Anyway you are alive. Otherwise we would had to find her a new kala tekka. Gauri says kali wait let me bring you ointment. Kalyani says isn’t there something else to it? Where is your dupatta? You never left it out before? Whatever happens, dupatta covers you. And the girl who leaves it out, what the world calls her? She leaves.

Leela is getting everything ready. Yug comes in, she says I am getting this havan done for you. Sharmila says he is my brother too. She pretends like only she cares about him. Chulbul says this will be good for him. Leela says go see if raghu brought flowers or not. Chul says he has gone to bishrappur to bring them.
vishwa sees the packets and says how will you do this havan without it. I have bought them all from mithla and vicinity. And now you will have to take my help. Once you do, then I will convert it in relation. Kalyani says keep it all, but I wont let this marriage happen.

Kali comes to her room. Kali recalls all the yug said.
Yug takes out that black cloth. A colored chunri falls on kali. She says I can’t wear this colored chunri. Yug gets ready.
Raghu comes home and tells leela that he couldn’t find gugul anywhere. leela says do whatever you can, go find it. Sharmila comes downstairs. Leela says don’t even dare coming near havan. Sharmila says my life is ruined because of them.
Yug comes. He says is havan late? Raghu says you have one hour if you want to go somewhere. Leela says you are useless. Manjiri says don’t worry, there was a little I mixed it in pooja plate. Leela sits there in anger. She says you have ruined it. you touched and impured it. She says enough. Leela says this havan will happen anyhow.
She asks Manjiri to go and handle the work. Manjiri leaves.

Yug calls a woman and asks is guari jha coming to your office? She says yes. yug says you have given me such a good news. Keep her staying unless I reach there. You deserve a treat for this. What you want? She says anti aginig cream. He says I will bring you a stock.
Yug says I have to run before havan starts.

Vishwa comes to leela’s place. He says we have faith too. We couldn’t see any hindrances in your havan. We have brought something for you. Prohit brings in gugul. Leela says you have done something great. How will we return your favor? She throws them away. Vishwa is dazed. She says vishweer jha.. only you don’t have news of the city right. We are old residents of Mithla too. And we are well known here too. We know who has gugul of whole city. In name of law, this is called black marketing. This is small thing for you, you have done bigger crimes. Your daughter and my son in law can never marry. I will never let this happen. And next time, don’t dare coming in this house.
Kalyani says in heart, I gave unknown call to leela and told her the news. Vishwa leaves. he looks at yug’s photo. He says what is happening.

Precap-Kali falls on yug on road. He says again today, you came between me and gauri. I will marry you instead if this keeps happening.

Written Update By Atiba


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