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Kaala Teeka 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Kali is doing pooka in temple. The man coughs, pandit says can you sing a bhajan? Kali sats yes I can. She sings the same song. Yug says on call, yes vishima I havegot the packets. He hears the song. he comes near temple. Yug comes there.
Yug looks among people as to who was singing the song. He can’t find anyone. Kali hides behing a wall. She has seen Yug. She turns off the lights so he doesn’t see her. Yug steps out. Yug says why I feel like you are near. He is coming in. Kali is scared. Yug holds her hand.

Yug says why are you hidin from me? You know how long have I been looking for you. Your voice, that I love. I have been looking for you like crazy that is why you are hiding from me. You enjoy this. Let me see how you look. Kali covers her face with cloth. Kali sets the curtain on fire. Yug repels. Everyone starts running. Yug says I have to save her. People stop him. Kali hides behind idols. Yug runs in to save her. There is no one inside. There is fire on kali’s dupatta. She is scared. Yug is in there too. Kali tries to blow the fire. Yug goes out, kali runs out too. Yug says where can she go? she was here. He sees kali’s black dupatta burning there. Kali jumps out of window.

Kali runs out of the temple. Yug comes out as well. People start throwing water at the temple. Kali slips. Her hands are cut. Yug comes out and asks pandit if she has seen a girl? He says yes.yug says how she looked like? pandit says she was very simple.
Kali says if he sees me he will find out I am the one he is looking for.
Yug says where has she gone.
Kali says I cant tell him, thats not possible. Yug sees the black cloth.

Precap-Kalyani asks where is your dupatta? Yug says if you are in my fate I will find you.

Written Update By Atiba


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