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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 29th November 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shakti Devi coming to the temple and doing puja. Thakur and Lakhan smile. Shakti sits for the havan. Rahul comes and asks Shambu Kaka about the temple’s complete structure. Shambu doesn’t answer. Rahul says he is not interested in my talks and goes. Rahul sees Gauri. Namrata sees him. Shakti says Thakur should get this prasad. She taunts him for his failure and gives the prasad to him. Everyone takes prasad. Gauri falls down. Rahul holds her. Gauri sees her dad and gets away. Rahul asks don’t I have any right to talk, you will always be my friend, I will always be there for you, forgive me if possible. Lakhan gets some leaves and adds some powder in it.

Lakhan keeps the leaves for puja. Thakur asks Pujari to come and do puja at the ghat. Shakti takes
the leaves. She does the rituals. Lakhan smiles and goes. She gets dizzy. Pujari asks everyone to leave from the temple, its time for sunset, temple will get shut. Lakhan sees Shakti fainting. He smiles and leaves. He signs to Thakur. The temple door gets shut. Thakur chants Kaal Bhairav’s name. They leave. Shakti lies unconscious. Its evening, Rahul looks for Shakti and asks people about her. He sees Shakti’s slipper and thinks she is in temple. He knocks the door and asks Shakti can she hear him. He rushes to tell everyone at the ghat. Pujari asks Thakur about Shakti. Thakur says strange, she wanted to do aarti, she is not here, where is she. Rahul says Shakti got locked in temple, come. They get shocked.

Pujari says maybe you are lying. Lady says he is saying true. Thakur says the village has rules, the temple door will open in morning, Shakti is not any Lord that we change rule for her, does she now know that she shouldn’t be in temple after sunset. Rahul says a person’s life is in danger, what’s this devotion that saving someone’s life is called a sin, did you all get stone hearted, fine, stand here, don’t do anything, I will go temple and get Shakti, even if I have to break temple door. Thakur says its time for Shivgan to come, his puja will start, Shakti is not here, I will do this aarti. Shakti asks him to stop.

Thakur gets shocked seeing him. The people say Rahul lied about her, she was not in temple, Rahul got mistaken. Shakti taunts Thakur. She says aarti didn’t start yet. The aarti in temple begins. Shakti does the aarti at the ghat. She greets Thakur and goes. Thakur angrily beats up Lakhan and asks how did Shakti come back. Lakhan says I m saying truth, Shakti really fainted, give me one last chance. Thakur says if you are saying true, if the temple was locked, then how did she come out of the temple.

Rahul asks Shakti how did she reached jungle when door didn’t open. She asks if Akshay’s body can reach jungle, why can’t I reach there.

Written Update by Amena

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