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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 29th November 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Devi brings juice for Adhi. She leaves his crutches near his bed. He tries to stand up. He says why does she want to know about Mukun? Devi comes there. He says I dont’ need your help. Devi says you know you need it but you are way too stubborn. He can’t stand. Devi says don’t harm yourself. It will take time to heal. but that doesn’t mean you won’t stand. She holds his hand. She places his legs right on the floor and he stands easily holding her hand. He falls devi holds and hugs him.

Devi comes to Kesar and says come I wwaant your help. Tell me how to make halwa puri. kesar says why? devi says because I am really happy. I hugged Adhi. Kesar says will you expect. Devi says you are so innocent. You just don’t hug to have kids.
Kesar says I don’t know anything. Devi says don’t be sad. Lets make it. Saradh comes and says to Kesar I found aboout Mukun.
I stalked his profile. It said he is in Mumbai. I will go there and try to find him. Kesar says thank you very much. I am really happy. She leaves. Saradh leaves as well.

Devi says to Masa I am really happy. After three days adhi stoodd. I wont let antyhing bad happen to him. Masa says why didn’t you tell him? devi says because he would be really hurt. Maasa says I am not weak. Masa says you can’t scare me like this. DEvi says I can’t fix your mentality. Masa says to your family is dirty. You will say what I want you to say. That I can never harm my son. Devi says challenge accepted.

Masa says to Devi only few hours are left. DEvi says don’t worry. What if your truth comes in frront of Adhi? Masa leaves in anger.
Devi says to Adhi you will walk in a few days. Devi says you are strong. You have a great heart. Adhi looks at her. She says wanna scold me? He says no. You speak good sometime. She says take your kurta off so I can massage you. devi sees his burn.
She says how you got this? He says got burned from a rod in shed. She says it would have hurt you. He says really hurted me. She says the pain lives with us forever. I will do your massage later. She leaves.

Precap-Masa says to Devi wait for the right time. Adhi tells police has caught the goons. Police asks the who orderd him to hit Adhi? He says Masa.

Written Update by Atiba

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