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Jamai Raja 9th October 2015 Written Update

Jamai Raja

Shabnam opening the stitches of DD’s blouse. Gaffur calls her and says milk cartoon hasn’t reached at its destination. Shabnam says it is because of security. Gaffur blames her for trying to electrocute Roshni and failing his plan. Shabnam asks him to eat chicken and sleep. She says she will take care of everything, and asks him not to worry else he may get heart attack. She says she has a surprise for him and he will be very happy. Kesar comes and asks who will get happy. Shabnam lies to him that she was talking to her husband and told about Roshni’s school. She says her husband got happy. Kesar says okay. Shabnam makes water falls on his shoes. He goes to change his shoes. Beeji asks Krutika why she is sad? Krutika is about to tell her about Sam and Bua Dadi’s tortures, but just then Bua Dadi comes and shows the jewellery saying she brought it for her. She says Bunty will keep her happy and signs her not to tell anything. Beeji thinks something is wrong. Sid thinks about Roshni, just then he gets a call and hears some noise.

Bua Dadi asks mehendi designer to apply Mehendi on Krutika’s hands. Just then door bell rings, and sees Simran and beeji standing. She gets shocked seeing Simran, and asks why you didn’t call before coming. Simran laughs and says I will go then. Krutika hugs her and says I missed you. Simran asks what happened? Krutika says nothing. Bua Dadi says Krutika wanted to have mehendi for her navrathi function, so I called mehendi designer. She takes Simran inside. Krutika looks on.

Sid comes home and calls Roshni. Roshni asks Sid if he will obey his begum. She stands sensually and wears yellow saree which he brought for her. She dances with him on the song Khatra Khatra main girun……………while flower petals fall on them. Shabnam wonders what is happening and comes inside the house. She peeps in their room and sees Sid and Roshni romancing. She says I will snatch all happiness from you Roshni Patel. I know Sid is your life and I will trap him in my net. She says it is time for him to become bad Jamai, and people will badmouth about him for keeping eye on sister in law. She says today you can get closer, but from tomorrow, there will be separation. She tries to go and something falls alerting Sid and Roshni. Shabnam hides. Sid asks who is there? Roshni comes and asks who is here? Sid says someone is following us. Roshni says I am scared. Sid asks her to come.

Roshni offers the blouse to DD and suggests I brought it to suit your needs. DD thanks her. Shabnam thinks DD will probably be insulted in school inauguration operate. DD asks why you each have performed formality? Roshni states it is absolutely nothing. Roshni takes a clothes from the duvet, and asks Sid to offer. Sid asks her to offer it. Roshni relates to Shabnam and is going to give apparel. DD asks why you might be providing new outfits to her, we give new clothes to personnel only in the course of Pageant. She asks her to provide previous dresses to Shabnam and asks her not to cross line. She asks Lakshmi to carry Roshni’s old clothing from godown. Lakshmi provides it. DD throws the garments close to Shabnam and asks her to use Roshni’s Utaran. She suggests It is far from torn from any place and asks Sid and Roshni not to give her costume yet again. Shabnam says you just see who’ll have on whose uttaran.

Roshni is arrested and is at the rear of bars. Sid asks her not to fret and claims he will return for her. Police constable requires DD and Sid from there. Roshni cries.

Written Update By Sahir


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