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Jamai Raja 25th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayesha and Shabnam call Shiv as their Abbu. Media person asks DD if she knew about her husband’s second marriage. Roshni is shattered. Reporter says did you know about these girls. One reporter asks will you accept these two illegitimate girls.Shabnam states we aren’t illegitimate as our Abbu did Nikah with our Ammi. Ayesha asks why everyone seems to be unfortunate? Reporter asks did you Abbu advised that you’ve got Yet another Ammi. Sid throws the media people out and calls the safety. Shabnam wipes her bogus tears. DD is in shock. Sid and Roshni aid her get up. Bua Dadi states DD’s grand daughter is actually her stage daughter. Nani Maasi apologizes to Absolutely everyone and asks the guests to go. Bua Dadi states you might send out everyone, but how will you shut other’s mouth. Naani Maasi asks the waiter to present milk to Bua Dadi, and suggests Roshni’s sasural folks are citing a snake. Ayesha asks Shabnam about the happenings. Roshni comes and states Shabnam will answer in your concerns. She provides Shabnam and throws on ground. Sid comes and Shabnam retains him. Roshni asks her to leave her spouse and says she entered your home with full fledge program. She states she fought with DD for Sid oblivious to The point that he is a betrayal. She claims this Female ruined my mum’s joy.

Nani Maasi states I had previously warned DD to not Permit her remain. Sid says it is actually ample and suggests she must be presented opportunity to say. Roshni states she hates her facial area . Sid states she will converse and put forward her communicate. Shabnam suggests she didn’t enter household using a motive and says she didn’t know that it is her step mum’s household. She claims she didn’t know Abbu was alive until now and tells a Tale which they were separated from their Abbu inside the riots. She tells she went to Dubai for your living and afterwards arrived to are aware that Ammi is lifeless. Sid asks from where by did the DVD appear? Shabnam tells that she asked her partner to deliver that DVD as she want to demonstrate it to Ayesha. Roshni didn’t believe that her and goes. Shabnam falls on Sid’s ft. Sid asks her to receive up and goes to speak to Roshni. As soon as Sid goes, Shabnam throws the tears and calls anyone informing about that she has light fire. DD throws the matters and says I am finished with it. Roshni asks her to stop it. DD will get hysterical and throws the stuff related to Shiv. Nani asks her to prevent it. Ayesha asks her not to burn off her Dad’s Picture. DD provides kerosene oil and lights Shiv’s pic on fireplace. Nani asks her to quiet down. DD recollects her remarriage with Shiv. Roshni cries hugging Sid. DD appears to be on hurt.

Krutika asks Beeji to consume h2o. Bua Dadi badmouths about Patel family and suggests it really is shameful to possess relation with them. She states we have to go there. Beeji claims it don’t seems to be fantastic if we go. Bua Dadi suggests I must do some thing to toss them out. DD asks Shabnam to go away her house and suggests it truly is her household and not Shiv’s house. Ayesha asks DD to not throw her sister. DD asks Roshni to consider Ayesha within. Nani will take her inside of. Shabnam receives up and holds Sid’s hand when emotionally blackmailing him to like Ayesha. Roshni seems to be at her holding Sid’s hand.

Roshni asks her to halt her waste overacting. Sid asks DD to pay attention to him. DD states you could’t recognize what I’m experiencing and claims if I’m accomplishing anything Erroneous? She suggests it is easy to present lecture to people today, but it’s tough to bear every thing. She asks Shabnam to leave. Sid stops her. Shabnam states realy recreation commences now.

Sid brings Shabnam to Khurana house and asks Beeji to get the guest room cleaned as Shabnam will stay here for few days. Beeji agrees, but Bua Dadi says she can’t let Roshni’s illegitimate sisters stay in her house.

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