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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 23rd September 2015 Written Update

The episode starts with Suhani telling Nishi that jiju/jignesh is not egoistic at all and down to earth person and just like he attended yesterday’s pooja, he will attend today’s pooja also.

Dahi handi ceremony restarts and Culture’s secretary attempts to felicitate Neil with shawl. Neil stops him and says she requirements felicitation, pointing at badi naani. Everybody get pleased viewing badi naani. Neil touches her ft and he or she blesses him. Ragini touches toes and naani asks that is she. Neil suggests He’s wife. Naani calls her bahu and asks to not hassle her son Considerably. She factors at Pam and asks that is she. Neil suggests she is my sister Pam. Naani phone calls her and asks if hair is falling as she is becoming bald and states she will give her oil to regrow her hair. Every person chortle hearing that. Naani then asks Nivedita that’s she and then claims she knows she is her servant and asks her to perform her get the job done correctly, else she will likely not give her income. Nivedita fumes although All people chuckle.

Culture member asks Neil if his sons are Prepared for dahi handi ceremony. Neil claims Sure. He sees Arav missing and asks Everybody to look him. Ranbir goes to look Arav. Nivedita senses a chance and brainwashes him towards Ragini that she wishes to train him a lesson and develop a rift between him and Neil, so she complains in opposition to him only for foolish mistakes and spares Arav regardless of whether he insults her repeatedly. Ranbir goes to Ragini and asks if she compelled Arav to go to ceremony like she compelled him. Ragini receives confused.

Pam comes and asks the place is Arav. Ragini claims he went far away. Pam asks if he knowledgeable her presently. Ragini suggests Arav went from him far away like Ranbir and will get unhappy.

Suhani suggests Arav is lacking and who will break dahi handi now. Neil claims Karthik will and asks him to indicate his bravery like in surgeries. Agam claims he must prove that he’s healthy for Suhani. RK asks him to change his kurta and have on t-shirt.

Karthik will get Suhani h2o and states relaxes. He states her bindi is out of put and corrects. RK arrives and taunts Karthik that he saw their romance. Suhani receives anxious. Karthik claims yes He’s after which suggests he was joking. RK says even he was joking.

Ragini requests Pam to deal with Arav similar to she took care Ranbir, Suhani and Agam and taught them to smile and tackle existence. Pam asks her to loosen up and show up at ceremony to start with. Ragini asks her to promise that she’ll accept Arav and take care of him. Pam promises.

Suhani clarifies Nishi to patch up with jiju/jignesh and asks her to call him. Nishi hesitates. Suhani herself calls jignesh and asks Nishi to talk. Nishi receives psychological in excess of cellphone.

Nivedita asks Pam what was she speaking to Ragini. Pam claims Ragini is her bhabhi as well as a mother like her and they have 3 matters in frequent, Neil, youngsters and their motherhood. She then says she will not likely realize it as she is not a mother. Nivedita fumes.

Precap: Nivedita shouts at Pam for permitting Ranbir select Neil as an alternative to her. Pam asks what she might have completed if she experienced long gone with Neil. Nivedita suggests she appreciates how to proceed and asks Pam to halt interfering, else she is going to repent.

Written Update By Sahir


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