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Ishqbaaz 28th November 2017 Written Update: Anika’s Plan Backfires

Shwetlana introduces herself as Abhay’s wife and poses with Abhay. A chandelier falls down. She gets down and screams. Everyone gets shocked. Some time before, Anika tells Rudra about their challenge to Shwetlana, so they have come to his room. Rudra boasts of his smartness. He asks the challenge. Anika says I told her she won’t be able to face anyone. He says its big statement, how will this happen. Gauri says its about Anika’s respect, we have to do something. He says I have an idea, we will have black paint in her white towel, then she can’t show her face to anyone. Bhavya says its kiddish idea. They argue. Anika asks him to give an idea, and stop arguing. She says you know Shwetlana, Gauri think she will have some weakness. Gauri says she is fearless, yes…. cosmetics, she can’t
stay without makeup. Rudra says I will steal her makeup kit. Bhavya says no, we have to tamper the makeup, so that she can’t show her face to anyone. They laugh. Shwetlana hears them and smiles, saying idiots.

Om comes to Abhay. Abhay says I had no idea. Om says I know you have much anger in heart, you didn’t need to get Shwetlana in between, I know her well, she can just break relations, not build any, when there is a family fight, it should be between family, you should have not got Shwetlana in between, you did the worst mistake of your life, you will also have to bear its punishment, I hope you remember this. He goes. Abhay says I understood this, Shwetlana is beyond my thinking, did I do a mistake by involving her in my mission. Shwetlana says these fools thinks they will challenge me, Anika you did big mistake, now see you won’t be able to show anyone your face in party. She uses a remote and suspends a chandelier, having pointed knives. She says what will happen of you now Anika…. she laughs. Shivaye says how to know whether that video has some truth. He hears Tej on a call, cracking a land deal. He recalls the video. Tej asks what happened. Shivaye says I need to talk to you, nothing, its all fine. Tej asks is there any problem. Shivaye says no. Tej leaves. Shivaye thinks I can’t believe Tej can do this, its Shwetlana’s plan, I have to find the truth. Anika asks him to get ready for party.

He asks are you fine, you are ready to go in party, you wanted Shwetlana to go out of the house. She says my husband doesn’t listen to me. She throws his phone and gets close. She says you gave permission to Shwetlana to stay here, I m a dutiful wife and have to agree, my happiness is in my husband’s happiness. He asks what are you doing. She laughs and says this is my dialogue. He says you challenged Shwetlana that she won’t be able to face anyone in party, you go for challenge always, you don’t back off, what’s going on. She kisses him and asks him not to worry. She calls him PP. He asks what’s that. She says Pati Parmeshwar, everything will happen in the party, in front of you. She goes. He says she shouldn’t spoil anything.

Rudra, Bhavya and Gauyri keep an eye on Shwetlana. He boasts of himself and argues with Bhavya. Gauri asks them to stop it and see where they are. Shwetlana comes from bath and takes the towel to wipe her face. Rudra recalls his step to add black color in the towel. They get glad. Gauri says her face will get blackened, we will get ready now, come. They leave. Om says Shivaye, I know its your plan, but can you do this, you have to give Shwetlana an Oberoi name. Shivaye says I have to do this, she won’t be here for long. Rudra says they look tensed. Anika says they don’t know our plan. They smile. Shivaye says why do these three look happy, they are surely planning something. Rudra sees Shwetlana and jokes saying ninja in our house. They all see Shwetlana coming down. Om says what’s this new drama, why is she hiding her face.

Shivaye says don’t know. People ask why did she cover her face. Anika asks Shwetlana to show her face to the press and do her mu dikhai. Rudra and Bhavya also insist. Media asks Shwetlana to show her face, they want to know who is the new bahu of Oberoi family. Shwetlana removes the veil and shows her face. Anika, Bhavya and Rudra get shocked. Shwetlana says your family is still immature Shivaye. She asks Anika how do I look. She hugs Anika and says oh dear, your ideas are cheap like you, I know you must be feeling bad, don’t worry, you will get habitual to lose to Shwetlana, where is Gauri, is she in any trouble, go and see. Anika rushes. Gauri knocks the door and shouts for help. Anika looks for Gauri.

Shwetlana thanks the media for coming on short notice. She says I m the youngest bahu of Oberoi family, you would like to know who is the Oberoi I have married. She asks Shivaye won’t he introduce them. Shivaye says this is Abhay, our younger brother, he is my uncle Vishal’s son. Shwetlana says Abhay is my husband, I m Shwetlana Abhay Singh Oberoi.

Anika comes to Gauri. Gauri asks her to open the door. Anika asks her not to worry. She sees a remote hanging and says I will not remove this. Gauri asks her to be careful. Anika opens the door. Gauri hugs her. Anika asks how did you get locked. Gauri says someone locked me. Anika says Shwetlana would have done this, don’t know what is this remote for, maybe Shivaye knows, we will ask him, come.

Anika and Gauri come to everyone. Shwetlana sees Anika and presses the remote. A chandelier falls down. She gets down and screams. Everyone gets shocked. Shwetlana says someone wants to kill me, no one can go anywhere till I find out who is behind this attack, I need to know my enemy. Shivaye asks what do you mean. She says some people don’t like me, they challenged me, the culprit is the one who has the remote in hand. She points at Anika. Shivaye says wait, you are accusing anika. She says you think what’s the remote doing with her. Anika says I got this outside Gauri’s room. Gauri says yes, Shwetlana locked me in room, Anika got this hanging to the door.

Anika says we didn’t know about this and got this to ask you. Shwetlana says they don’t like us coming here, as they have to share their property and Oberoi empire with me and my husband. She asks Shivaye to say truth, did Anika not challenge her that she will stop her mu dikhai, Anika fell low and did this. She says Abhay and I are here by trusting you, you don’t do wrong and don’t let anyone do wrong, you punish the wrong doer right, I m hopeful that Shivaye will punish his wife. Reporter asks what do you mean. Shwetlana says if I was elder to Anika, I would have slapped her, but I m younger in relation, I can’t slap her, I want Shivaye to do this. They get shocked.

Rudra drags Shwetlana. Chandelier falls down. Shwetlana gets hurt and scolds Shivaye. She says you are the Ram of this Ramayan, then get ready to go Vanvaas, your destruction begins.

Written Update by Amena

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