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Ishqbaaz 19th September 2016 Written Update

Mallika tells Shivaye that someone equal to you has come in your life, that’s Anika. He says she is not equal to me. She says I have seen that girl touching your heart, I have seen you both have…. He says love. Some time before, Vikram says person has to go to one for whom he worries. He looks at Jhanvi and walks away to Dadi. He greets Dadi by touching her feet and asks how are you Maa. Everyone get shocked. Dadi asks did you think of me after 28 years. Vikram says sorry Maa, you know what happened. She says it was between you and Tej, and punished Maa, you both had great friendship, love more than real brothers, one crack made friendship turn into enmity. Vikram says you know what happened, it was big thing for me, past is past.

Tej taunts who wants to remember failure. Vikram says its 28 years, so much changed, but you did not change, same attitude and pride. Tej says time changes, not Tej Singh Oberoi, I m same and will always be same. Shivaye asks what are you all talking about, what fight and crack. Om and Rudra ask Dadi to say. Dadi says Vikram and Jhanvi were going to get married, Jhanvi has run away on marriage day. They all get shocked. Dadi says Jhanvi loved Tej. Tej smiles.

Pinky says great, Jhanvi has blossomed good flowers in young age, I mean even Mr. Rana’s ex GF is here, along with Shivaye’s ex GF. Ketki says yes, when Jhanvi chose Tej, I did not meet Vikram, then he told me everything. Rudra says this family had Ishqbaaz always. Dadi asks why are you shocked, if Shivaye’s ex GF can stay here, why can’t Jhanvi’s ex BF come here, its 28 years old thing, forget it.

Siddharth asks Mallika to come. She says one min… Vikram says Maa, thanks for taking care of Mallika. Dadi says I will slap you, son does not grow up so much that he can thank Maa, Mallika is like our daughter. Siddharth greets Anika and says SSO. She says yes, I will call him. He says no, SSOO. She smiles. He says you explained well. She says I explain well, many say I did Phd in explaining. He says oh, did you try to explain SSO, I m sure he needs to understand. She says I tried, but its impossible to explain him. He smiles.

Shivaye jokes on bridal dress, if this is so heavy, then think of the heaviness of marriage relaion. She says I asked Anika to throw this, I m glad she did not. He says typical Anika, she won’t listen to anyone, I m proud of you, you are brave. She says I have run away from marriage and was avoiding Siddharth, I was running away again. He says facing fear is not easy. She says fine, if we are taking imp things, I need to say, avoid this frown look, if you smile, earthquake won’t come. He says I m such. She says you are egoistic, rude and arrogant, do you think I know you well. He says kind of.

She asks will you agree if I suggest something. He says yes maybe. She says there are two Shivaye I have seen, one rude, ill mannered, annoying and egoistic, and other SSO which is good, when you are with Anika, you are someone else, whom no one has seen, innocent and almost cute. He says listen, I m cute. She says when you are with Anika, you laugh Shivaye. He recalls the moment.

She says Anika teases, taunts and irritates you, you let her do that, as she touches your heart like none can do, you are your best version when you are with you, you forget business issues and even your ego, listen, you know why is this happening, you got away from everyone in journey to become Shivaye Singh Oberoi from Shivaye, you got distanced, someone equal to you has come in your life, that’s Anika. He says Om and Rudra are enough to say this, Anika is not my friend, she is not equal to me, I have no idea of her family lineage. She says I don’t believe this, you are talking like 80s movies, who tells this in today’s times…

He says even if no one says, but everyone believes so. She says trust me, I have seen there is something between you, there is chemistry and… He says love, you would say this. She says I was going to say understanding, I did not know love will fit in this or not, why do you need to give label to any relation, most imp thing is she gets your childishness out. He asks her to finish this and leave. She says I m glad I had broke up with you. He says me too. She says you are ill mannered and egoistic person. He says I m such, family and blood line matter to me, so I m marrying a good family girl like Tia.

She says trust me, you were idiot yesterday and you are still an idiot, I hope you understand what I m trying to explain, what is this family and blood line, if anyone comes in your life and teaches you to smile, sing and enjoy rain, if you check such person’s family, then trust me, there is no bigger donkey than you in this whole world. He says go and marry. She kisses him on his cheek and says you are very ill mannered, thanks for doing so much for me, do something for yourself, I want to see you happy, think what I said, Kanji eyes Bagad Bille. She laughs. He smiles and asks her to go out. She leaves.

Shivaye holds Mallika’s hand and gets her to Siddharth. He gives her hand in Siddharth’s hand. Siddharth and Mallika smile. Vikram, Ketki, Siddharth and Mallika leave. Pinky gets relieved. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

Anika thanks Priyanka for her clothes and says I have got this pressed. Priyanka asks her to stay for one more day. Anika says Sahil has come back from school trip. I will meet you later. She sees bangles and says I think its of Mallika and she forgot. She reads the letter and smiles. Shivaye is on call and collides with Anika. He asks can’t you see and walk, I know you would say your focus was somewhere else, I know you and your focus can’t be at one place, everything went on smooth. Anika is smiling…… He looks at her.

He says Anika one min, I m talking to you. She asks why. He says idea to call Siddharth was good, it was my idea, but I paused on the call, you handled it well. She asks why do you try when you can’t. He asks what. She says I know you are trying to say thanks to me, but you are not able to. She says Mallika should thank you. She says she thanked me. He asks oh really. She gives the letter.

He reads…… Dear Anika, these bangles are for you, don’t wear these now, wear these on the day when someone madly loves you, the day you become number one in someone’s life, whose world revolves around you, thinking of whom you smile all day, stay happy and sing, whose life is incomplete without you, I m sure you will fall in love, there will be Ishqbaazi of Takkar, the day this Ishqbaazi starts, wear these bangles that day…. With love… Mallika. Anka and Shivaye see each other. He says Mallika said thanks to you, good girls. She forwards hand for letter. He asks what, oh letter, Mallika’s thanks. She smiles and leaves.

Rudra asks if sons are VIPs for mum, why are bahus not imp. Om and Shivaye over the matter of bahus getting respect and freedom. Shivaye says this is not a big issue. Om says you mean women/wives should just make rotis and manage children. Shivaye says why do women like to struggle, if they want a struggling life, why don’t they look for rich husbands, they should just put matrimonial ad to get a poor and struggling husband.

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