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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th July 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Viplav telling dhani that man Anshuman Kashyap might be your father. Dhani is shocked. She says no he cant be my father. Viplav says i can understand how you are feeling. Even i am not sure but when i said his name in front of kaki she was lost. That time my doubt increased. He asks But if it is true why dulaari lives like a widow? Dont you know? Parshiya and dulaari knocks on the door. Parshiya breaks the door. Parshiya and dulaari gets shocked seeing viplav and dhani. Vidha says i know what you were doing. You were fighting na. I dont like when you fight. She joins their hands and says now become friends. Viplav and Dhani looks at each other. Chandariya plays……. Viplav says i want to befriend with dhani but she doesnt want. Parshiya says I told you not to come to dhani. Viplav says i came for work here to give this stay order. Now you can live peacefully in chawl and and asks him to inform everyone else too. He says I am not so bad that i cant help anyone…cant get answers from anyone. Viplav goes. Dulaari asks what answers he was asking. Dhani goes too.

Dhani comes out and searches here and there. Viplav comes and says you are searching me as I can help you. And you also know I will help you. Dhani says i wasnt searching for you. He holds her and tells her not to worry and asks her to get some answers from Dulaari. Dhani looks at viplav holding her. Judaai… Chandariya plays…. Viplav tries to go. Dhani holds his hand. Dhani asks can i look at the picture again? Viplav shows the pic. Dhani cryingly looks at pic and joins the parts. Dulaari is searching something and calls vidha. Dhani comes and asks what happened. Dulaari says one photo was there. Dont know where i have lost it. Dhani is shocked and reminices viplav’s words about getting the photo in Dulaari’s box. Dhani aks whose photo it was? Dulaari says it was mine old photo. Dhani says why are you so worried? Whose photo it was? Was it my father’s photo? Dulaari is shocked and angryily says it was my photo only. Dulaari asks her to look at rice. Dhani asks dulaari to tell her about her father. And says that You never told me about him. Dulaari says he is no more, i never asks you about your and viplav you got separated. I dont want to return in that darkness. Dulari cries. Dhani asks for sorry from dulaari and says i wont ever ask again about my father. Both cry.

Next morning vidha and dhani comes to viplav’s house. Vidha comes forward and gives breakfast to viplav. Viplav comes and asks who gave this. He sees dhani and is shocked. He takes the plate and asks vidha if she has taken breakfast. Vidha says no. Viplav says today i will feed you. They feed each other. Dhani looks on. Viplav teases dhani and says did your husband allow you to bring breakfast for me? Dhani asks vidha to come now as she has to go school. Vidha goes. Viplav says i had this taste after long time. Dhani says i only came here to tell you that i am not interested in knowing about Anshuman kashyap. I have never seen my mother upset like this before. I dont want to upset her and know about Anshuman. Viplav says as you wish but i will go and meet him. Dhani looks at him shocked.

Dulaari thinks where has the photo gone? How can i be so careless. Dhani comes and says maai… dulaari closes the almira and says i was cleaning it. Dhani says i am going to shop. Viplav is going in car with dhani. Viplav says parshiya must have asked you yesterday why we had locked the door and why you are taking food for me? Dhani says i came here only to meet my father. Dhani and viplav come to anshuman’s house. Dhani looks around the house. Viplav asks her to sit. Anshuman comes. He greets viplav. Viplav introduces dhani to him. Dhani touches his feet. Anshuman gets happy and says these days such children are rare. Your parents have given you very good values. Anushuman says you look like ram sita jodi. He says to viplav that You are lucky to have a lovely wife. He says men are always arrogant. Viplav returns his wallet. Anshuman says the real things are relations. Viplav compliments the house and asks if you and your wife live here? He says my wife passed away long back. Viplav and Dhani looks on. The servant sprays something. Anshuman asks him to stop and says he is allergic to it. Viplav says ohh dhani is allergic too. Dhani gets up. Anshuman asks them to have lunch. Viplav says they will leave. Anshuman says it was good to talk to you. Some relations are made just this way. Dhani touches his feet again. He blesses her.

Precap- Viplav asks Dhani to tell him the truth. Dhani asks him that you want to know why i went far from you? She says You broke my broke my trust. I saw you in Kamini’s embrace. Both are fully drenched in rain.

Written Update by Sahir

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