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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th November 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Sushma showing chunari to Pandit ji and says she has made it for her grand son’s wife. Pandit ji says you will get a good daughter in law soon. Shalini comes and gives her dresses to Dhaani asking her to try it. Kanak comes and scolds Shalini for giving her loose outfits, and tells Dhaani that she will give her saree as she can’t wear white saree in the function. Raj Lakshmi asks for tea. Dulaari sends her to Durga. Durga gives chunari to Raj Lakshmi and says Dhaani have to wear this Chunari. She comes out of house and sees Tripurari. She asks if he is happy with this marriage.

Tripurari laughs and asks why she is asking? Raj Lakshmi says Viplav asked her same question and tells that Dhaani is sad may be because of Suwarna. Tripurari asks what happened to her? Raj Lakshmi asks him why did Suwarna leave after hearing about his marriage with Dhaani. Tripurari says are you doubting on me? Raj Lakshmi says no. Tripurari says his fake love story with Suwarna is troubling him. He comes inside. Durga asks him to get ready. He goes.

Sushma keeps the chunari infront of God. Raj Lakshmi comes and keeps the chunari infront of God. Both of the chunari’s are beside each other. Dulaari does the ritual with Tripurari. Later she brings Dhaani. She looks beautiful in light green saree. Viplav looks at her from outside. Tripurari looks at him looking at Dhaani. Raj Lakshmi tells that Dhaani is looking beautiful. Kanak asks Shalu to bring Chunari which is kept in the inhouse temple. Viplav tells that he wants to attend the marriage. Shalu comes and picks the chunari which is kept for Viplav’s wife. Viplav tells that he wants to help in the marriage arrangements. Dasharath says it is a good thing and gives him money. Viplav thanks him. Dasharath blesses him and thinks you have dismissed my doubts now. He says you will go to Boston after Dhaani gets married and no one can change my plan now.

Badi Amma covers Dhaani with the Chunari. Raj Lakshmi tells that it is not Durga Maa’s chunari. Sushma recalls keeping it for Viplav’s wife. She says it is mine. Kanak scolds Shalini and asks her to bring Durga’s chunari. Durga comes and says it doesn’t matter as Sushma also loves Dhaani. She asks Dulaari not to worry and says I know Tripurari can never get wife like Dhaani. Dhaani takes everyone’s blesses. Kanak blesses her and says I pray that you always stay with Tripurari. Dhaani hugs Dulaari. Dulaari tells her that she asked Tripurari to take her to temple and asks her not to worry.

Bijli, the dancer asks Suwarna to rest and says you can leave after you gets well. Her worker comes and tells about the dance offer. She refuses. Later he calls Tripurari and says he is keeping an eye on Suwarna. Bijli hears him and gets alerted.

Raj Lakshmi comes to Viplav’s room and thinks it is Salman’s room. Kanak comes and scolds her for entering the room. Raj Lakshmi comes to Dhaani and says Viplav’s mum changes colors very fast. Dhaani is worried about Suwarna. Raj Lakshmi says she might have gone to TeetraYatra and enjoying life with her husband. Viplav is making the flower arrangements, and is about to step inside the house, but Tripurari stops him saying it is against his order. He gets inside. Viplav looks on.

While in the temple, Dhaani’s chunari flies and fall on Viplav’s head. Viplav brings the chunari and gives to dhaani. Tripurari looks on.

Written Update By H Hasan


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