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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd October 2015 Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

Viplav convincing all the Ashram ladies, and says Dhaani understood his point. Badi Amma says we will not come. Dulaari says they will not enter Mela. Viplav asks Dhaani to come with him. Dhaani asks Dulaari to have trust on her. Dulaari lets her go.

At the mela, Dhaani prays to Devi maa for her success in the business so that Viplav goes back home. Viplav thinks people will like the stuff and displays all the items like in shop. a customer comes and likes the stuff. Viplav says 100 Rs. Dhaani says no one will take it being costly. Viplav says it is just starting and asks her to wait. Badi Amma, Dulaari and others get worried as Dhaani didn’t come on time. Nani asks her to explain to Dhaani after she comes back and says I willl go to temple. Raj Lakshmi and Suwarna offers to go with her and leaves. Rachna says we have been eating dal since 2 days and says she will buy veg and leaves. Others too makes an excuse and leaves. Dulaari says nobody cares about my daughter. Badi Amma asks her not to worry. She makes an excuse and leaves. Dulaari says I am all alone in this Ashram.

Dhaani tells Viplav that no customers have come till now. Viplav says customers will come, and says we can’t sell at cheap rates. Sita Maayi comes there with Suwarna and Raj Lakshmi and like the shop. Suwarna asks about the profit which they made. Dhaani says not yet. Rachna comes and says I came to help you and will sell all the items. Viplav goes to bring water. Tripurari keeps an eye on the shop. Badi Amma comes there and surprises everyone. Dhaani and others are happy. Badi Amma likes the shop. Dulaari comes just then and says everyone is here leaving me at the Ashram. Sita Maayi says I came to help Dhaani. Dulaari says I am her mum and loves her.

Dulaari hugs Dhaani. Badi Amma asks about Viplav. Dhaani says he went to bring water. Viplav announces that the women have made diya baati, garlands, chunari, hand made stuff etc, and says I have kept an offer, whoever buys big chunari or big pot, will get small pot/chunari for free. Dhaani and others are quite shocked. Many customers come to their shop and buy the stuff. Viplav promotes the shop. Tripurari thinks Viplav will make widows rich and will come home soon. He thinks he has to stop Viplav from getting successful.

Viplav tells Raj Lakshmi that everybody purchased the things as a result of absolutely free present and claims shall I purchase something in your case. Anyone convey to about their desire. Viplav asks them to attend on the shop and goes to purchase chaat, samosa and so forth.

Tripurari arrives there and greets Dulaari and others. He provides him prasad and asks to eat. He calls The shoppers and reveals the stuff. While Dulaari and others are chaotic exhibiting things to customers, Tripurari steals the money box and hides it. He escuses and leaves with the money box. Dhaani will come again and sees the box missing. She asks Dulaari and checks all over again. She gets tensed if the box is lacking. they worry and conclude that it have already been stolen. Rachna suggests we happen to be Operating tough given that yesterday, but somebody has stolen our hardwork. they Verify Everybody and Imagine Viplav will get anxious. Viplav comes back and asks what occurred? Dhaani tells him that their cash box is stolen. Viplav asks them not to worry and states we can make stuff again. He suggests thief has to be stolen. They asks what would you indicate? Viplav states thief may need recognized that he has stolen vacant box. Tripurari sees the vacant box. Viplav exhibits the money stored in his pocket. All people get happy. Tripurari thinks He’ll system a thing which is able to make him devote rest of his daily life with widows. Viplav distributes The cash Similarly between many of the widows. Everybody get satisfied. Badi Amma and Dulaari refuses to consider money. Viplav asks them to keep and says it motivates the person. Dhaani asks about his share. Viplav claims I don’t need to have and shows small note. Dhaani asks him to get his medal. Viplav claims I’ll get when you all can get financial gain.

Dhaani and Viplav have pani puris at the shop. Viplav compliments her beauty and says this bangle is complimenting herself. He asks her to wear bangles. Dhaani says all my wishes had end when I became a widow.

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