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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 17th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tania convincing Dhaani to try and do embroidery on her dupatta. Dhaani agrees and suggests Will probably be gift from all of us. Tania invitations them for her engagement. Raj Lakshmi says We’ll occur. Dhaani claims but. Tania says she don’t wish to hear again in regards to the inauspicious issue and asks to come. They concur. Tania thinks she enjoys him greatly and thinks even Viplav enjoys her, but is hesitant to confess his inner thoughts currently being shy. Viplav sees Tania preparing and carrying gold bangles. He thinks of promising Dhaani to bring bangles for her. Tania asks why that you are checking out me hidingly. Viplav claims my mind was mad. She asks him to bring her dupatta from the Ashram and claims Dhaani did Zari work on it. Viplav agrees and leaves. Tania thinks Viplav loves her a great deal and that’s why agreed. She blushes. Dhaani does the zari work on the dupatta and will get contemplating. Just then Dulaari opens the door and sees Viplav standing. Dhaani opens the dupatta and sees Viplav through it. She lowers down the dupatta and Viplav sees her. Raj Lakshmi congratulates him. Viplav thinks they have to be discussing Shalini’s engagement.

Dulaari asks him to come inside. Dhaani tells him that she got satisfied Listening to about the alliance and prays for his happiness. Viplav says it is nice that you’re smiling. Suwarna displays the dupatta and says Dhaani made the dupatta. She addresses dupatta on Dhaani’s head and asks him to check out. Dulaari normally takes the dupatta from her head while Dhaani appears on stunned. Viplav claims he brought a gift for her and reveals colourful bangles. He claims I said that I will provide. Everyone is stunned. Raj Lakshmi thinks could be another person deliver it for me also. Dulaari apologizes to Viplav and claims my daughter can’t accept colourful bangles. She states This is often no existence of color in widows lifestyle and suggests she will’t take it. Viplav is tensed as he didn’t learn about widows’ reservations. He tells bye and leaves.

Tania’s mum suggests Viplav should really know and I’ll inform him. Tania stops her and states this system continues to be planned by Dasharath and Kanak, let them manage him. She says it truly is her aspiration to marry Viplav, and asks why she want to inform him. Tania’s dad suggests it truly is all right and attempts to encourage his spouse. She agrees. Tania claims I like you and asks her not to tell Viplav. Dhaani tells Dulaari that Tania is an effective natured girl and hopes Rakshas behaves properly with her. Dulaari opens the desk and finds damaged pink bangles. Dulaari asks her to throw the bangles and forget her earlier existence. Dhaani asks her not to inquire her to throw the bangles as it can be her past memory. Viplav appears with the bangles and thinks of Dhaani. Tania sees bangles and thinks it’s for her. She opens her dupatta and wears it, stating Dhaani may be very proficient. She claims you utilized to battle together with her often. Viplav says she fights with me. He says I won’t struggle with her. She asks how she’s hunting? Viplav imagines Dhaani and it is greatly surprised. Shalini tries to awaken Viplav, but he didn’t wake up. Dadi wakes him up and he will get up. He asks Shalini to become mature as she is getting engaged today. Shalini states currently is your engagement also. Viplav asks with whom? Dadi changes The subject and helps make excuse. Viplav goes to get ready. Shalini claims if Kanak concerns know which they was about to inform him, then she’s going to eliminate them. Dadi hopes Viplav gets to understand about the truth.

Ram tells Viplav that they’re searching fantastic and folks will see both of those of them. Viplav asks why people today will check out me. Ram suggests now is your engagement with Tania. Viplav is shocked and remembers the happenings.

Viplav can take out thorn from Dhaani’s toes. Dhaani feels soreness. Later on Viplav displays bangles to Dhaani and smiles. Dhaani looks on.

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