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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed watch online

The Episode starts with Kanak refusing to become widow and tells Viplav that this is not the truth. Sushma breaks her bangles. Kanak cries. The guests who came to mourn taunt at Dhaani and says it happened as her reflection fell on Kanak. Dhaani cries hearing it. Dulaari looks on tensed. The pandit recites the mantras and they take Shambu for the last rites. Kanak shouts no and falls down. At the crematorium ground, Viplav does the last rites and recalls the moments spent with his loving dad. Pandit ji asks him to give agni/fire to the dead body of Shambu. Viplav gives fire to Shambu’s dead body. Kanak is brought there and looks at the fire. She angrily holds Dhaani’s hand and accuses her for killing her husband, and says since she came in our life, this has happened. She accuses her for killing her first husband and then her husband, and asks if she is waiting to eat/kill Viplav. Viplav stops Kanak and holds Dhaani. Dhaani hugs him cryingly. Kanak says when will you understand Viplav, when she eats you. She says I will die, as my husband is dead and tries to go near the fire. Viplav stops her.

Dhaani runs from there cryingly. Kanak sits down crying. Dhaani comes to Ashram and recalls Dhaani’s accusations. Raj Lakshmi and Dulaari come there. Dhaani cries and says she is really inauspicious and shouldn’t marry Viplav. Badi Amma says Kanak doesn’t like you and that’s why said this. She says it is sad that Viplav’s father is no more. Dhaani says it is right. We got engaged and this has happened. She blames herself and tells everyone that she has a widow yog in the kundli. Everyone is shocked.

Dulaari asks what are you saying? Dhaani says she is saying right and that’s why refused to marry in the ring Shuddikaran ceremony. Dulaari says it is not right. Raj Lakshmi says Kanak doesn’t like you. Kanak comes to room and thinks things are falling off from her hands and this is all happening because of Tripurari. She thinks Dhaani and Viplav are getting closer and she couldn’t do anything. Tripurari tells Suwarna that she felt bad about Shambu’s death. Suwarna feels bad too, and tells that she has informed Durga and she said she is coming. She asks him to drink tea and says she will wash his clothes. Tripurari thinks of murdering Shambu and spills tea on his clothes. Suwarna comes back to take the tea spilled shirt. Just then Tripurari hides the clothes in the suitcase which he had worn on that day.

Raj Lakshmi tells Dhaani that Kanak hates you and says Viplav doesn’t believe in this superstition. Dulaari asks her not to say that and says she knows how is her daughter? Dhaani says my decision will take Viplav’s life, and I don’t want anything to happen to him. I really love him very much. Badi Amma asks her to tell how many times she read Gita. She says nobody can change the destiny. She asks her to do karma and says God will take care of the rest, asks her to stop blaming herself. She says you haven’t done anything. Dhaani hugs her and cries.

Dasharath cries and tells Viplav that his son is gone. He says people used to come to him with the prayers and calls him Prabhu. He says he couldn’t get his son’s life back from God. Viplav asks Sushma where is Kanak. Kanak brings her colored sarees and says she will burn it. Viplav asks her to stop her madness. Kanak says this is madness, and says just like you are mad after Dhaani. Dasharath asks Kanak to accept it as God’s wish, and asks her to stop blaming Dhaani. Kanak asks Viplav to move back and burns her clothes, saying she will show her madness. She cries. Viplav hugs her.

Later Kanak meets Tripurari and slaps him. Tripurari holds his hand and says I haven’t done it intentionally. Kanak asks if he is blind? Tripurari says it was dark and I couldn’t understand. Kanak says I hate this white color and you have killed my husband. Tripurari says you are saying as if you used to love Shambu, and says I did good by killing him. Kanak asks him not to interfere in her personal matter. Tripurari asks her to think how to separate Dhaani and Viplav. Kanak says she will think. She asks him not to meet her for some days. She says I freed you out of jail, but now will send you now. Tripurari plays the recording in which she asked him to kill Dasharath. Tripurari warns her and says if you send me to jail then you can’t stop Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage from happening. Kanak looks on.

Kanak accuses Dhaani again for killing her husband. Dhaani cries and bothers about kundli yog. Viplav tells Kanak that there is no widow yog in Dhaani’s kundli, and tells that Shambu was murdered. He adds that he is sure that Tripurari is behind the murder. Kanak looks on shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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