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Ghulaam 30th May 2017 Written Update

Veer gathers panchayath and addresses sarpanch Fateh Singh that Sarkar was a the king of Berahampur and was running parallel law, he is missing now. Jageer says Sarkar was so powerful, but someone threw him in lake. Fateh Singh says sarkar was #1 swimmer of the area and he cannot drown, someone must have killed him and then threw in lake. Veer calls his guards who bring Rangeela and says Rangeela killed his father as he threatened to kill sarkar and shows video where Rangeela threatens to kill sarkar if he does not get his amma’s right.

Gulguli cries looking at sarkar’s pagdi and shoes. Maldawali asks if she should file police complaint. Gulguli shouts he will slap him, when Sarkar did not let police enter Berahampur, how will she file Sarkar’s missing complaint. Maldawali says she feels Sarkar is dead and someone killed him, though she feel it is not Rangeela as everyone saw Veer pointing gun at Sarkar and can even kill him for crown.

Sarpanch asks Rangeela if he killed Sarkar. Rangeela says if he wanted to kill sarkar, he would have killed in front of everyone. Sarkar did injustice to his amma and he is waiting for him. He alleges Veer that he must have killed sarkar for crown and reminds how Veer pointed gun at Sarkar in front of everyone. Sarpanch reminisces incident and says even he saw that. Veer says he cannot kill his father. Rangeela says then Jageer must have killed sarkar as sarkar would not have let him sit on crown and always insulted him. Jageer yells. Rangeela asks sarpanch to decide who will be next sarkar and leaves. Jageer tells sarpanch that he is sarkar’s elder son and should get his crown. Veer points gun at Jageer and warns to save his life and get out. Maldawali signals him to come in. Jageer leaves asking Fateh Singh to decide truthfully. Veer says he is powerful and is new sarkar.

Jageer goes to Gulguli and requests her to make him sarkar as he is elder son and even sarkar’s soul will not be in peace if Veer is made sarkar. Gulguli slaps him and shouts sarkar is alive, what kind of son he is to consider his father death, Sarkar will come back for sure. Maldawali brings white sari and bangles and tells Gulguli that Veer sent it and asked to wear widow clothes and never wear suhagan’s clothes. Gulguli throws clothes and says she will not follow any of Veer’s orders.

Rangeela tells Balam and others that Sarkar must be tortured by someone or killed, so they will search all around lake and spread news that Sarkar is wearing rings worth crores, someone will find him somehow. He further says he saw blood on sarkar’s pagdi, that means someone has kidnapped him and he is alive, they should find sarkar within a month.

Precap: Rangeela shows dangerous chemical to Mahipal and threatens to tell at what time Sarkar left home, else he will drop chemical on him. Mahipal tells time. Rangeela asks if someone went behind him.

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