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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 18th April 2016 Written Update

Rana ji recalls about all the times when Savitri had tried to advocate Gayatri. Bari Rani Maa accuses Gayatri that this is the limit. Gayatri tells Rana ji that she had to shoot him with an empty gun to bring Rajeshwari’s companion, but Bari Rani Maa changed the bullets to be the real one. Bari Rani Maa asks if she has brought this fake Pandit as a proof. She cries hugging Rana ji. Rajeshwari tells Rana ji that Gayatri is really jealous of her. Gayatri goes to her, she asks why she would be jealous. Rajeshwari says she has everything Gayatri wants, she has the crown. Gayatri says she never wanted to be a Rani, she wanted to be a wife. Rajeshwari was never a wife and nor will be. Rana ji could never forget about her feeling of love that is why Rajeshwari couldn’t make a relation with him. Rana ji remembers. Gayatri boasts that Rajeshwari always tried her level best but failed to bring Rana ji to herself. Rana ji remembers about his trust over Savitri, his head still ache. Gayatri comes to Rana ji and says she wanted to tell him the truth, just awaited the right moment. Rana ji has severe head ache. Raaj Mata says he snatched the right to call him a son, but Gayatri has struggled to unite this family and make this a home again. He must once question his heart if her daughter in law is lying.
Bari Rani Maa cries that she also asked her heart a lot of time, had she knows it was Gayatri would she ever allow Savitri to come near to him. Her aim is, was and will always be Rana ji’s happiness. She tells Rana ji she will accept the punishment he gives her. Rana ji asks Gayatri to answer about it. If Bari Rani Maa is her enemy, why she tried to make him and Savitri closer. Gayatri was silent. Rana ji says the truth is she had shot him on the cliff then, Bari Rani Maa’s presence there is just a story; can she prove that story to be true. If she has no proofs, he will send her to jail in accusation of planning his murder. Gayatri was silent, Rana ji says there is her answer in her silence. He calls the soldiers to take Gayatri and Raaj Mata to jail. Gayatri resists, but the soldiers take him. Rana ji tells Pandit ji he will stay in his observation until the truth is revealed. Bari Rani Maa says to Rana ji he trusted her love today. Rana ji says he never suspects her love and motherhood. He leaves.
Rajeshwari asks Bari Rani Maa what will happen to her now. Bari Rani Maa says once Raaj Mata and Gayatri are hanged, they will have festivity.
At night in the jail, Gayatri was upset that there is no hope left. Suddenly the door opens and Rana ji comes in sight. He unlocks the jail and comes inside. Gayatri asks what he is doing here, love has died so has trust. The day he will recall the truth, he will never be able to forgive himself. Rana ji says his heart tells him Gayatri is telling the truth, but he is a Raja who can not trust his heart. Can she prove what she said. Gayatri says when he is with her, she can do anything. Rana ji says he wants to trust her and her love, its her duty now.

PRECAP: Bari Rani maa tells Rana ji that he had given Gayatri a chance to prove herself innocent but she couldn’t. She is being sentenced to death now. Gayatri tries to stop Rana ji, but he shoot her in the same cliff.

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