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Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 22nd September 2015 Written Update

The practice arrive on the station. Sudha lay her head on the monitor to hear the seem of the educate arriving, then watches it coming. The passengers put together the depart. Chandar will come out of the coach, no-one was there to welcome him. He will come down. Sudha runs to him from powering, stops him and smiles. He doesn’t halt and leaves rather towards a group of drummers who have been there to welcome him. He says to Thakkur what This is certainly, Thakkur suggests Chandar has returned which has a trophy for him, a celebration was essential. Sudha was left at the rear of waiting.
In your house, floral decorations were built. A Girl scolded the Gentlemen for playing Holi in this article. Sudha’s papa get there, he gives the Woman sweet box saying his Chandar is coming after profitable a trophy. The Girl comes driving Papa and asks what kind of Topi (Cap) this is for which Sudha also introduced sweet. Papa points out It’s a gift. There exists horn outside, an automobile comes and Sudha comes in by itself, red in rage. Papa asks wherever is Chandar. Sudha claims she doesn’t know, she was crying and says he need to scold him when he comes, she had been watching for him on station and he didn’t look at her, instead he left the station.
The boys introduced Chandar to university hooting and shouting with regards to the victory of Chandar. Chandar was welcomed, his Buddy Thakkur boasted before Anyone that he received trophy in Delhi. Thakkur asks all of them to present solution to Chandar, they’ve got to rejoice in addition.
Sudha tells Mai (the Woman at dwelling) to put in more milk in Chandar’s milk. Atleast he should recall he had promised some other person. Geesu arrives dwelling with rose bunch and claims This is often for her to deliver smile on her confront. She asks Sudha if she experienced a fight with someone.
Chandar relates to phase, he makes a speech which makes Absolutely everyone giggle. They all clap in appreciation. Thankkur tells Chandar he need to meet up with Billu. Chandar asks now? And appears at time.
Sudha was crying and asks Geesu why Chandar does so, he understood There exists Pooja in your own home. Why he didn’t come to Pooja and went together with his close friends. Geesu states she is bound he will before long come property. Kamini and Prabha also appear residence, they come and notices Sudha has high fever. Sudha was still upset.
Chandar fulfills his Trainer, his Instructor claims You will find there’s fireplace in Chandar and he will have to not let it out. His college or university requirements these types of a light. Chandar states he was a lost person, his academics have created him what He’s. The Instructor states a Trainer is barely a Instructor when he gets an qualified scholar. He claims he sees a shadow on himself in Chandar and desires him to triumph. He must handle one Feel, he need to by no means go away his brought up, and have to by no means fail to remember individuals that owed him. He might be productive. Anyone generally is a man, it requires a price to become a Dev.
Pandit ji asks to start the pooja, Papa asks about Sudha who asks to look ahead to just a bit when. Their family members is incomplete with out Chandar. Papa leaves, Mai asks him exactly where is Sudha. Papa claims Sudha states without the need of Chandar, this family is incomplete. For him, with out Chandar and Sudha each the spouse and children is incomplete. Sudha awaits Chandar.
Chandar will come again residence. Ramu kaka welcomes him. Chandar concerns fulfill Papa and apologizes him. Papa suggests he is aware just one person can forgive them Within this household. He asks about Sudha. Mai concerns notify them Sudha has locked herself while in the space. Chandar tells Papa not to fret and goes Within the corridor. He remembers earning up Sudha like this constantly considering that childhood. He don’t forget how Sudha had damage her head as soon as before. He knocks on the doorway, and politely asks Sudha to open up the doorway and if she doesn’t open the doorway He’ll split the door. She is aware well the doorway is robust and he might be hurt. He struggles for when, but Sudha opens the doorway on his 2nd try out. He will come inside of to look at Sudha and asks isnt she All set until nonetheless. He suggests she seems to be great even using this method. He says he has informed Everybody he will bring her, received’t she hold his guarantee. Sudha suggests he generally does this to her, he always wish to acquire around her but right now she received’t pay attention to him. Chandar asks won’t she hear him? She turns close to and states she didn’t pay attention to her father, that’s he then. Chandar comes out of your house by itself. Papa asks where is Sudha, Sudha appears from powering Chandar. Everyone is happy to view her all dressed up.

PRECAP: Chandar is concerned about Sudha that she has fever. Sudha claims dancing receives her rid of fever. Sudha dances and feels dizzy. Chandar operates to help you her.

Written Update By Sahir


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